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Windy Meadow new slice of life has a Demo

windy meadow - a roadwarden tale new slice of life adventure game has a demo for linux mac windows pc

Windy Meadow – A Roadwarden Tale new slice of life adventure game has a Demo for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is due to the dedication and commitment of developer Moral Anxiety Studios. Which is due to make its way onto Steam in 2023.

The award winning storyworld of Roadwarden is due to expand. Just announced by solo developer Moral Anxiety Studio, due to release later this year. Windy Meadow – A Roadwarden Tale takes players on a familiar yet new slice of life adventure game. Where every choice matters on the quest to forge a noble path. An official rival to acclaimed text-based RPG Roadwarden. Also, the remastered re-release, Windy Meadow is superbly written. While offering an exciting entry into a bold, distinct world.

Gameplay also features a range of hand crafted characters. There is also a richly detailed village in a fantasy setting in the Roadwarden story world. Windy Meadow – A Roadwarden Tale fully places players in the day to day life of this small community. Along with animated character sprites in the heart warming and even dramatic scenes. Along with a soaring and musical score. This a full and complete visual novel crafted with care by the developer.

Over the course of three interwoven stories, players will welcome in heros Vena, Fabel, and Ludicia. These are three citizens of the sleepy and serene village Windy Meadow. Due to work among the life choices around their futures.

Windy Meadow – A Roadwarden Tale | Announcement Trailer

Will talented huntress Vena depart the peaceful but harmless village? Due to leave her family behind to follow riches with a merchant guild. Can Fabel finally embrace his talents? Ditching the symbolic shackles of his difficult past. All while he chases his dream of becoming a famous bard. And will outsider and herbalist Iudicia take hold of her love life? Maybe choosing not to marry a man she doesn’t really love? Doing so at the risk of leading a lonely future?

In this deep story choices matter and can affect dialogue and events. Including how NPCs view the hero’s. And also how their tale ends. Players will have to think with care about each path they take.

Players can jump into the world of Windy Meadow – A Roadwarden Tale. The first-ever and demo is available on With an official Steam demo coming later in April.

Download the early Demo on itch. This also includes native Linux support.

A Roadwarden Tale Key Features include:

  • A Story Unfolds: Unlike most visual novels, Window Meadow replaces most of the story with animated character sprites. More than 99% of the in-game text represents dialogues.
  • Three Heros: Follow three very unique hero’s and uncover their problems, fears, and tests they face. Their varying personalities make for unique and complex relationships. Doing so with the multitude of moody side characters.
  • Choices Matter: From the seemingly small to the life changing. The choices players make can affect dialogue options. Including the NPC feelings and game endings.
  • (Mostly) Harmonious Living: Enjoy a serene story world rich in gorgeous views. Also gentle rivers, fertile lands, and welcoming forests. In Windy Meadow, even the beasts and dragons tend to keep their distance. But raiders, on the other hand…

Windy Meadow – A Roadwarden Tale slice of life adventure game is releasing on Steam in 2023. Doing so with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. But you can also play the Demo now on itch.