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Wizard of Legend dungeon crawler hits Kickstarter


Wizard of Legend is a new fast paced 2D dungeon crawler seeking #funding on Kickstarter. The game is being developed by Contingent99, a two-man #indiestudio, and they are looking to #release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Wizard of Legend’s pitch is is great, taking the act of casting spells and turning it into fast-paced action. Players take on the roll of a wizard in this roguelike top-down brawler, plus every dungeon is procedurally generated.

Exploration of the dungeons is a seamless experience as you travel from one room to the next in search of powerful spells and items to aid you on your quest. All of the dungeon layouts are procedurally generated and are comprised of both randomly generated rooms as well as precrafted experiences. Enemy placement is also handled procedurally and enemies will gain new behaviors and spells of their own as you progress further into the game. In addition, each dungeon contains other would-be allies that will help you on your adventure.

Combat in Wizard of Legend is a blend of rapid movement and magic that involves chaining spells together to defeat enemies while quickly repositioning to avoid incoming attacks. The use of dashing spells is key in allowing you to control the pace of combat by staying at an optimal range to cast spells at enemies near and far.

Wizard of Legend will also feature local multiplayer game modes for cooperative and versus experiences. Co-op mode will throw two players into a more challenging adventure while Versus mode will pit them head to head in a match of intense magical combat.


Development is being done with co-op and PvP in mind and the Kickstarter campaign’s target is very reasonable, asking for $50,000.

Players can download Wizard of Legend HERE for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. A very small download at just 40 MB and this “will introduce you to the world of Wizard of Legend in a fun and interactive way.”


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  • TechSideOnline
    Jun 30, 2016 9:44 pm

    Wow, game looks fun actually. I need to give it a try on my linux setup. Thanks

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