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Wizard Of Legend dungeon crawler announced

wizard of legend dungeon crawler announced for linux ubuntu mac and windows games 2018

Wizard of Legend is a fast paced dungeon crawler. The games announced for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Which also comes with rogue-like elements too. Where the player assumes the role of a powerful wizard. Since you’re set on the intent of overcoming the Chaos Trials. Trying to become the next Wizard of Legend.

Every year in the City of Lanova, the Council of Magic meets. Since it’s comprised of the most powerful wizards in the world. They also hold the Chaos Trials. All to determine if there are any worthy of becoming a Wizard of Legend.
So the contestant has to successfully navigate all of their challenges. While demonstrating superior wizardry.

So gameplay has players battling through each challenge. Defeating powerful enemies. While collecting valuable spells and relics. All to build up your magical arsenal to fit your play style. So players can achieve mastery over magic.
Therefore by chaining spells together. Creating devastating combination attacks. Players can face each council member in combat.

Wizard of Legend Announcement Trailer:

Wizard Of Legend Features:

  • Fast Paced Spell Slinging Combat
  • Use powerful spell combinations to destroy your enemies
  • Procedurally generated levels mean a new challenge every time
  • Tons of spells and items to fit your playstyle
  • A variety of unlockable wizards to discover
  • Local multiplayer allows you to play with or against a friend

Since the Wizard Of Legend looks epic and fast paced. We are eager to see the Linux and Ubuntu debut. The games also playable in Single-player, Local Multi-Player, Local Co-op and Shared/Split Screen. Which means you will not to face the challenges alone.
Personally, I’m looking forward to release. Since the gameplay resembles that of Magicka 2 but with a Monsters and Monocles vibe.

Wizard Of Legend will debut on Steam and Humble Store in Q1 2018. While announced for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows.

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