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Wolf Truce event is back in Tannenberg

wolf truce event is back in tannenberg on linux mac windows pc

Wolf Truce event is back in Tannenberg on Linux, Mac and Windows PC with a big discount. Thanks to developers M2H and Blackmill Games. Along with a big discount on Humble Store and Steam.

So once again the Wolf Truce event appears in Tannenberg. While packs of hungry wolves make their way onto the battlefield. How do you react? This is a limited time event for Tannenberg players. Inspired by actual historical reports. The event will run until December 3rd. So if wolves attack, players will have to take a temporary truce. As they deal with the beasts. Or depending on your nature. Try and take advantage of the chaos as a third party joins the fray.

Tannenberg: Wolf Truce Event Trailer

Wolves are hunting human prey in the Wolf Truce event. While players must be ready for the chance of wolves. As the pack invades the battlefield and throws the frontlines into chaos.
Therefore, if you can restrain yourself from attacking the enemy. Since the truce is not enforced by Tannenberg. And that one careless shot or headstrong soldier could break the ceasefire.

Players that do manage to survive a wolf attack and keep the truce. You will receive a special in-game medal. As the Wolf Truce event is inspired by historical texts detailing the dangers. Since wolves pose such a threat on the enormous Eastern Front. Russia also had a fairly big wolf population. This was also displaced by fighting. And the outcome affected soldiers and civilians alike.

Therefore, this is the second time the Wolf Truce is running. Including a number of tweaks to improve how wolves enter the battlefield. As well as tracking players. While making the UI more clear.

You can get into Tannenberg Wolf Truce Event now. The games discounted 60% on Humble Store and Steam. While taking the price down to a very affordable $7.99 USD. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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