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Woodpunk gets new content, support is coming

woodpunk gets new content support is coming to linux mac windows games

Woodpunk gets new content for Windows and the games Linux support is coming next. According to developer Meteorbyte Studios who just released a major game update. While this new content and changes celebrates Chinese New Year. Plus the games also discounted on Steam right now.

After the great response to Woodpunk. Meteorbyte Studios releases a major game update.
The most significant new feature is a full overhaul. This affects the weapon creation system. Following requests from the games community.

Woodpunk release Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Now, in this recent update. Woodpunk now supplies the player with new changes. Such as procedurally generated weapon combinations. Available after each single stage.
While the new mechanic allows the player to keep their weapon. Transitioning to the next stage with it. This comes at a cost for the game’s balance. At least to allow this feature to function.

Therefore, Woodpunk now introduces a different system. Where weapons degrade over time. Also requiring the player to either repair them. Or have robot companion Theo create a new weapon.
The new system maintains the game’s standout feature. Allowing for hundreds of different weapon creations in game. While giving the player the option of a favourite weapon.

Linux Support is coming:

“We’re still on for the Linux version of Woodpunk. But getting the latest Update out yesterday was the main priority. As it changes some fundamentals of the game. This will also need to translate into the Linux and console versions.
Now roughly next week we will be basically ready to port. Which will take another week or two. It’s the first Linux port for the team. So we’re not able to make any more specific projections.”

Since we already announced the release sometime before Christmas. Support did not happen. So it’s a pleasure to know the Linux release is finally coming next.
And this is the developers “first Linux port”.  The game engine is Unity 3D. So hopefully everything goes well for Meteorbyte.

New Suit:

There is also a new suit in this new content update, “Tinkerpunk”. This caters to the games new mechanic.
In addition to this major new feature. The update will also bring further gameplay features. Including another brand new Chinese themed suit for Aquinas, “Dragonpunk”. Which also incorporates new special abilities.

About Woodpunk:

Woodpunk is a charming but challenging roguelike shooter. Taking place in a retro pixel art style.
The also game puts the player into the shoes of a medieval inventor. Battling hordes of enemies in Woodpunk. The games parallel universe.

There are two ways you can play. Facing enemies alone. Or doing so with the help of a friend in local coop.

Aquinas has a vast arsenal of weapons to use. Like the levels and surroundings. These weapons are also procedurally generated. Ranging from unlocked parts. While adding up to over 1400 different weapon combinations.

The gameplay is full of harsh and relentless action. But also requires strong reflexes. Plus a fair amount of battle strategy.


  • Fast-paced, action-packed rogue. Like gameplay in 60 FPS
  • Wide arsenal of procedurally generated weapons Woodpunk
  • Battle massive waves of enemies at a time, along with powerful bosses!
  • Persistent, fully destroyable environments
  • Singleplayer and local coop multiplayer

Woodpunk is the first game of Spanish development team Meteorbyte Studios. Following the game’s recent Windows PC release. The Linux port is coming within a couple of weeks.

That being said, Woodpunk is also discounted 34% on Steam. Priced at $9.89 USD. Which is available on Humble Store as well, priced at $14.99 USD.