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Worbital is a spiritual follow up, without support

worbital artillery games no linux support

Worbital artillery game is a spiritual follow up coming to Windows and Mac, but no Linux support. According the email from award-winning Finnish developers Team Jolly Roger, this is the case. And the team just announced the release date for the strategic deep-space artillery game, January 31st via Steam.

Worbital is the spiritual follow-up to Team Jolly Roger’s last game Interplanetary (Linux, Mac, Windows). Yet this time the team takes the premise of flinging artillery across the solar system. While ramping it up with real-time strategy combat and gleeful destruction.
But now players command planets. Since they now bristle with gigantic guns and lasers. Also exotic fortifications like planetary shields, and even maniacal doomsday weapons, such as the World Rammer.
And yes, you will need these in the ever-shifting battlefield of a star system. Since a foe can be worlds away one moment and right in your orbit the next. Playable in both online and local multiplayer, as well as skirmishes versus AI. So the potential for complete pandemonium is limitless.

Linux Support:

“We developed it with Unity.
Even using Unity we found that around 35% of all errors reported were on various versions of Linux. While it represented roughly 1% of the sales. Though we would like to provide Linux support to allow for more choice and out of respect for Linux gamers in general.”

Now, the Unity 3D engine is no surprise. What didn’t make sense at first is the lack of Linux support based on the release of Interplanetary from 2015. Still, the smaller Linux market share has influence. While Unity games dominate in cross-platform development.
However, there is a Steam Discussion already active. And my personal knowledge of the release for Worbital goes back well over a year. So I have been waiting to see what the release and full announcement will hold. But according to Team Jolly Roger, having a “small team like us” puts a financial risk before the developer. And also having to support different Linux distro’s.
Therefore, if we hope to see a native port, share some Tux Love via Steam and Wishlist. Hopefully with enough community support we might see a Linux build sometime after launch.

Team Jolly Roger about their second full in-house release: “Worbital is almost here, finally! Exciting times! We couldn’t have done it without our wonderful Discord community, which grew beyond our expectations during the Worbital beta. Their feedback has been priceless in helping us create a game that we hope can stand proud among its venerable artillery-strategy ancestors. We want Worbital to be the kind of wacky, fun game that people gather around and enjoy playing together.”

Worbital artillery Launch Announcement Trailer (Windows, Mac, no Linux)


  • Interplanetary Artillery Warfare — Engage in real-time planet-to-planet cannonade in a shifting solar system, with the gravity as your ally… or enemy.
  • Preparation, Building, Tactics — Plan your loadout, build and upgrade weapons ranging from simple railguns to planet-derailing World Rammers.
  • Planetary Destruction — Aim and fire your artillery through space to chip away at enemies’ planet surface, reveal their core and blow it up.
  • Hype-Filled Obliteration — Wage orbital war against AI or challenge your friends in Online and Local Multiplayer (controller required for Local).
  • Cosmic Chaos — Survive as chunks of exploding planets, asteroids and other celestial objects threaten your planet, with explosive chain reactions eventually destroying the sun itself!

Worbital will launch on Steam, January 31st, priced at $19.99 USD. The games coming to Mac and Windows, but make sure to that Tux Love and Wishlist the game.

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