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World of Diving Announced via crowdfunding

Vertigo Games today unveiled World of Diving, an online multiplayer dive game for PC, Mac and Linux that supports (but does not require) the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. A crowdfunding campaign is underway on Indiegogo. Over the coming month, Vertigo Games will be raising a total funding amount of $75,000 for the development of World of Diving.

World of Diving Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

What is World of Diving?

World of Diving is the first online multiplayer diving game, with which will recreate that feeling of wonder and discovery you get at the bottom of the ocean. The Vertigo team is all set to take you on the otherworldly experience. All from the comfort of your own (hopefully quite dry) home.

Starting out in the Caribbean, you can enjoy the real-world diving spots that were recreated, while the entire world’s oceans are waiting for you to explore thanks to a technique called procedural generation.

While World of Diving will appeal to both hardcore simulation fans and casual diving enthusiasts, it is important to focus development efforts on making the world fun… and not just a mathematical model. World of Diving will be a place for you to hang out with your friends – whether you have met them in or outside of the game – where you can swim with sea turtles, hunt for the great white shark or party on your own luxury yacht.




Game Features

Several key design goals that will make World of Diving the ultimate digital diving experience. Of course Vertigo Games will want to hear your opinion as well, incorporating some of your best ideas into game development.

  • Visit astonishing real-world diving spots, manually brought to life by our design team.
  • Explore the Earth’s oceans without limitation thanks to procedurally generated environments.
  • Customize your character, from body type, face and hair style to clothing and accessories.
  • Team up and explore with friends or one of your NPC companions.
  • Over a hundred collectable species, many of which add their unique benefit to your diving skill.
  • Compete with friend and foe over ancient treasure and in exciting diving challenges.
  • Discover rusty ship wrecks, World War II submarines and eerie underwater caverns.
  • Take part in the community and direct the development of the gameplay and in-game items.
  • Play using the Oculus Rift for the full immersive experience, or use a traditional monitor.


World of Diving is now in its early prototype phase, and with your support Vertigo can keep growing the game, into a huge, populated digital diving realm. If they reach their goal, World of Diving will be ready for its release on PC, Mac and Linux in early 2014. But that’s not all: World of Diving is not only playable using a normal monitor, it also supports the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset for a truly *immersive* experience!

World of Diving campaign, Follow this link to Indiegogo

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