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World of Warcraft – Now can we have a linux client?

Really BLizzard you’ve gone half way there frmo dropping all Windows 2000 support, Windows PX support ends I think its next year or the year after so maybe you can use some of the resources from them into making a linux client.

Here are some reasons why:
1- As with some Steam Games now they are getting ported to Mac OS X making ports to Linux will be easier in the similarities between OS X and Linux.

2- You can show the world that Linux is a tacklable market and programs will run on Linunx and will still maintain usability

3- It’ll pave the way into more Linux Games and the Linux Gaming finanly taking off … really WINE is a piece of crap if you ask me.

4- Linux is free…… well this kinda has nothing to do with it, but if someone is getting a new PC than can buy one or build one for cheaper because they don’t ahve to buy Windows which mean they might spare some cash to buy WoW to run on their PC if they are putting linux on it… kinda pointless but you get where I am coming from right?

5- Linux is stable….. yes it is stable, the sound server is a bit buggy but is improving with every update that we are seeing to linux and is becoming more usable. Also wayland is close to finanly taking toher from X11 or x.Org Graphics Server which will also make Linux Gaming much easier to achieve as Wayland has almost 3 tiems the performance over X.Org in some benchamrks (I’ll find a link trust me)

6- Like Mac drivers and the entire system are updated using one tool amking the system easier to maintain unlike Windows which makes it harder to help people with their issues


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