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World Turtles a wholesome colony builder coming

world turtles a wholesome colony builder game coming to linux mac windows pc

World Turtles is a wholesome colony builder game coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All due to the efforts and creativity from developer Re: cOg Mission. Due to release on Steam this summer.

Help shape the destiny of the World Turtles. Since you can be a part of the journey until its full launch in August. A wholesome colony builder made by a solo developer Gideon Griebenow from South Africa. Doing so as the main ingredient for the nerdiest mid-life crises he’s aware of. It is the game he’s always wanted to make. He had a clear vision in his mind – create a world on a giant space turtle.

World Turtles Strategy Game Trailer

In World Turtles the player must guide the Meeps in their journey to save both their World Turtle and themselves. To do this they need you. Help them with gathering resources, constructing buildings, expanding their skills, and improving their efficiency. Since they are due to form societies and research new ways of advancing and improving the setting.

World Turtles is a wholesome strategy game which includes working with the AI realms. Due to interacting with the World, the Turtle, and Space itself in a way that ensures the Turtle’s, and the Meeps’, survival. Will you find peaceful, sustainable means of existing in harmony with your world and neighboring Meeps. Rather than heartlessly exploiting or conquering one and all? Can you navigate the forces of nature, learn how they work, and harness their power to affect progress without destruction? Will you be a part of the journey?

You can also test the game for yourself and play the Free Demo on Itch (Linux, Mac, Windows PC).

Game Features:

  • Set on, and actually involving, a huge turtle floating through space.
  • The Turtle’s position in space impacts life on the Turtle. World Turtles includes climate and water levels.
  • Separate technology trees per building type. All coupled with an overall technology tree.
  • Meeps require balanced experience to progress.
  • The need to plan ahead and be willing to wait for your decisions to bear fruit.
  • Conquer land, water, air and space… together… for good.

The game beat out around 5400 other games to win the #PitchYaGame Industry Pick in June of 2021. And support in terms of Wishlists and community feedback which is steadily growing.

World Turtles wholesome colony builder game will be available on Steam in August. So be sure to add it to your Wishlist. Due to release in August 2022 on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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