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World Turtles wholesome strategy has a Demo

world turtles wholesome strategy game has a demo for linux mac windows pc

World Turtles wholesome strategy game has a Demo for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All due to the creativity of developer Re: cOg Mission. Offering you a chance to play on both Steam and itch.

World Turtles is a wholesome strategy game that includes working with the AI realms. Due to interacting with the World, the Turtle, and Space itself. All in a way that ensures the Turtle’s, and the Meeps’, survival. Will you find peaceful, viable means of existing in harmony with your world and neighboring Meeps. Rather than brutally exploiting or conquering one and all. Will you navigate the forces of nature, and learn how they work? and harness their power? Can you affect progress without ruin? Will you be a part of the journey?

World Turtles is made by a solo developer, Gideon Griebenow, from South Africa. Doing so as the main part of the nerdiest mid-life crisis he’s aware of. It is the game he’s always wanted to make and he hopes you will try out the free demo. Available for the Steam Next Fest, already today.

World Turtles Trailer for Steam Next Fest (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

This opens up an exciting opportunity, as a token of the developers appreciation. Since anyone who plays the free demo for at least 20 minutes between now and June 26th show their worth. Giving you the chance to add a name to the list from which the Meeps select their names when the game is released. Links, unlock keys and further information will automatically be provided. Doing so within the World Turtles demo, as soon as 20 minutes have elapsed.

“Except for launch day itself, the Steam Next Fest will be the biggest event in my game’s life cycle. With thousands of people watching me stream live and visiting my game page in one week, it’s the perfect opportunity to reach loads of potential real-world Meeps. It’s incredibly exciting to experience this dream becoming a reality!”, says Gideon Griebenow, All-Round Tinkerer of Re: cOg Mission.

World Turtles beat out around 5400 other games to win the #PitchYaGame Industry Pick in June of 2021. Support in terms of wishlists and community feedback has been steadily growing so be sure you take part today.

World Turtles wholesome strategy game will be available on Steam in August. So be sure to try out the Next Fest Demo and put it on your Wishlist today, so you can keep up with the progress and coming release. Also, remember to play the demo on Steam in order to get your name in the game upon launch. Offering support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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