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Wortox Deluxe Chest releases on Steam

wortox deluxe chest releases new character in linux mac windows games for Don't Starve Together

Wortox Deluxe Chest releases the games new character for Don’t Starve Together in Linux, Mac, Windows. All thanks to Klei Entertainment. Who continue to expand the game. Which is available now on Steam.

A playful imp with a colourful past. Since Wortox was once a gentle (if rascally) forest creature. Without a care in the world. At least until the day he inherits a terrible curse. While losing a close friend too.
So unlike the other Survivors. He does not appear to be trapped in the Constant. Therefore perhaps he views this as some sort of game?

Wortox Deluxe Chest, the Soul Starved. Is now hopping his way into the Constant. Also ready to get up to all sorts of fun and mischief. With this Deluxe Chest, you’ll unlock this new playable character. Which also includes his entire wardrobe of three extra skins.

Wortox Deluxe Chest – Don’t Starve Together Animated Short (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Character Details:

  • Catches the Souls of creatures that die around him.
  • Souls can be used for the following abilities:
    • Can eat delicious souls (then loses some sanity).
    • Teleports a short distance.
    • Release Souls to heal nearby allies.
  • Unfortunately for Wortox, his body craves Souls. So food is only 1/2 as sustaining.
  • Wortox can be overloaded with Souls. This also causes him to drop them and lose sanity.
  • So due note, Wortox is less afraid of monsters.


  • Essential for this character
  • Uncorrupted Skin Set
  • Minotaur Skin Set
  • Survivor Skin Set

Wortox can be unlocked:

  • Available for purchase for $6.99 USD. Which also releases for Linux, Mac and Windows. This is in the Wortox Deluxe Chest. His Survivor skin set is included in this chest for free.
  • The Wortox Deluxe Chest is $10.99 USD. Again this also includes the Survivor. As well as Minotaur and Uncorrupted skin sets.
  • You can weave the new character for 2700 spool.

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