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Woven adventure might get a native release

woven adventure might get a linux release beside mac windows pc

Woven action adventure might get a Linux release at launch, maybe just Mac and Windows PC. According to Dutch developer Alterego Games. Who announced the launch of the game coming to Steam this year.

Since the exciting yet charming Demo for Woven. The games confirmed for Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms later this year. At least according to press details plus another developer email. And Linux, Mac and Windows PC support is listed on Steam. So I reached out to Alterego Games for day one confirmation.

Linux Support:

We’re a small studio and we do most of the contact with the platform holders ourselves. That’s 5 different platforms. We are also supporting multiple languages in the game. Woven is made using the Unity 3D engine.
So all in all, it’s pretty ambitious planning on our part. But I’m proud of the team when I say we are on schedule!

At the moment our release date is set to ‘Q4 2019’. As soon as we can ensure a platform-wide simultaneous release. We’ll announce the exact launch date, and price.

At the moment, a Linux release isn’t announced. As our hands are pretty full with the console versions. But I can say it’s Dominic’s (creative developer/designer) personal point of pride to ensure Linux support. And we have begun testing a Linux version of the game. So although I can’t give a guarantee we pull it off. It is certainly a possibility. 😉

The developer also goes on to also explain the development of concept. This process, “started 3 years ago, in a Kickstarter demo.” which is when I remember getting my first taste of Woven. After that the development process became a low priority. Since crowdfunding failed and the team focused on keeping the studio running.
Then, “9 months ago, January this year, we said ‘if we want to finish Woven.” Maybe a good idea seeing the community has not seen much since. This team consists of two creative developers designers. Also one, “headstrong narrative designer with a perfectionist streak (Matt).” Who is the developer behind the email reply. Not to mention rather candid about details.
Going on to explain, “somewhere halfway this year. We joined forces with publisher Stickylock Studios. They help us immensely to finish and market the game.”

Woven the Game Announcement Trailer 2019

So if you do not know Woven. This is a unique adventure game. Due to lots of elements of platforming, point-and-click and action adventure gameplay. Without actually being like any one of these. The game is laid-back, casual with a design for a broad audience. Including both easy and more advanced puzzles. Along with a truly heartfelt story, which also offers complexity.

“In Woven, like the classic adventure games. We wanted there to be little hand-holding. We give players the freedom to veer off the path. Explore and collect different pieces of a big puzzle. So they can braid the story together to their own interpretation.” Said Vincent da Silva, Creative Director of Woven.

In Woven you explore a woolen world where stuffed animals once lived in peace. A colourful world where much is not as it seems. In the game you will search for hidden secrets. Customizing your character with different animal shapes to solve puzzles. It is an epic adventure with two very unlikely heroes. Plus a story narrated in rhyme.

Woven will have a multiplatform launch. Which we hope to see on Linux, as well as Mac and Windows PC. Due to having the game distributed all over the world in English. With subtitles in Spanish, French, German and Dutch.

So expect to see the Woven release sometime in Q4 2019. Until that time, make sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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