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Woven game brings families together

woven game brings families together on linux mac windows pc

Woven woollen world where stuffed animals bring families together on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Alterego Games. Available with a big discount on Steam.

So now that the Netherlands joins the ranks of countries in a national lockdown. This means that the Dutch are more at home nowadays than they ever were. And to compensate, Alterego Games have discounted Woven on Steam.

Therefore if you are working from home. This takes some getting used to. Suddenly you’re at home, with your significant other (if applicable). Socialization acutely changed; the office, social circles and also families. And since people have more time to spend with each other. This opens up time for Woven Linux gaming.

As a game developer, Alterego wants to do their best. And even help contribute to society by providing those stuck at home. While providing relaxation and a little bit of escapism.

Woven the Game | Official Gameplay Trailer

The recent developer survey (conducted among players and playing fans). Unveils Woven at being particularly popular among parents. At least those who wanted to game with their children. With the closing of the schools. Parents fill their newly found quality time they spend with their children.00

Woven is a relaxed approachable puzzle game in a colorful woolen world. Get away from overstimulation and strengthen the parent child bond by discussing solutions. Or maybe if you want to explore on your own. You can also take on the challenge. Since the developers are working hard to offer the game with a big discount on Steam. And working on other platforms as well.

Therefore, this is why Woven has a 50% discount on Steam. For all those parents and kids at home. Or maybe you are an Aunt or Uncle. It is Alterego’s way of contributing their little bit. And it’s a solid sale too.