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WRAEK Tactonic Pro palm-control rocks funding

wraek tactonic pro game palm-control rocks kickstarter for linux mac windows pc

WRAEK Tactonic Pro game palm-control rocks Kickstarter funding for Mac and Windows PC, but working on Linux support. According to recent details from the creative minds of WRAEK. Currently almost triple the crowdfunding campaign goal.

WRAEK Tactonic Pro is the world’s 1st palm-control keyboard set with an ultra sensitive force sensor. While combining a premium keyboard together with a mechanical wrist rest. All due to letting gamers bind their keybindings to the pad that they can activate with a push. Plus the campaign also hit 150% funding in just one day. With a lot of attention being pointed to this new keyboard and palm control campaign. Which of course caught my attention but with the hopes of confirming further platform support. But will it offer a full Linux port?

We are currently working on the Linux port. That will be awesome, we would love the feature.

WRAEK Tactonic Pro supports Mac and Windows PC, but it seems only right to off Linux support. Do keep in mind, a lot of this feedback depends on the Kickstarter campaign. But the page already lists Linux support for the calibration software. Which is a pleasure to see. Plus this is one of those devices that could do very well as well as being a game changer.

WRAEK Tactonic Pro Kickstarter Trailer

The WRAEK Tactonic Pro uses an ultra sensitive isometric sensor. Along with highly customizable software for its Tactonic Pad. Which also works together with a 5-pin hot swappable mechanical keyboard using Gateron switches.

The Tactonic Pad magnetically attached lets gamers use their palms to control in-game movements. While freeing the fingers from having to switch between the W, A, S, D movement keys and other keys. Doing so for faster responses and a better gaming advantage.

The creators of the WRAEK Tactonic Pro believe that it would radically revolutionize the PC gaming industry. Completely solving the issue of the currently limited keyboard layout. And what better operating system to offer support, Linux.


  • Ultra-sensitive pressure sensors
  • Easy profile switching
  • Aesthetic RGB lights
  • Ergonomic design

WRAEK Tactonic Pro is estimated for an August 2022 delivery. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. But you can in on the action and pledge your support via the crowdfunding campaign.

wraek tactonic pro keyboard specs

wraek tactonic pro palm control specs

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