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Wraithmind party based RPG support is coming

wraithmind party based rpg support is coming to linux gaming but out on mac and windows pc

Wraithmind party based RPG support is coming to Linux gaming but out now on Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer TEKO and Alex Timbro. The full release is also available now on Steam. Ending Early Access on November 12th.

Since TEKO announced that Wraithmind released on Mac and Windows PC. We did reach out regarding support in Linux gaming.

We’re working on releasing builds for other platforms like Linux right now. Hopefully, we can add a build for Linux in a few weeks. Testing is probably the longest part right now.

Wraithmind is still due to receive support. Which is a pleasure to see. But it will be a while before a build is available.
If you don’t know the game, it’s a sci-fi turn based RPG. The story follows Maia, a young woman who wakes up in a space laboratory with strange abilities. The game will also take you from space ships to ancient alien ruins. So you can uncover the origin of Maia’s powers.

Wraithmind – Trailer #1

The early access version of Wraithmind contained the first chapter (out of 3). The other two chapters are now included in the full game. The full version of the game is available on Steam. Bt for anyone looking to buy the game on This is only the early access version.

The story of Wraithmind features many characters, three of which are playable. When you start the game you will only control one character. But as you progress through the story, other characters will join your journey.
When you defeat enemies in battle, your characters will gain skill points. You can use these points to increase talents for each of the characters. Talents allow you to decide how your characters will become stronger.

TEKO is will also be coming to mobile (Android & iOS). Due to release in the coming months.

Wraithmind party based RPG is available now on Steam. Only available for Mac and Windows PC. But support is coming for Linux gaming. And the games not over priced at $3.99 USD.