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Wraithmind turn-based sci-fi RPG development

Wraithmind turn-based sci-fi RPG development for linux mac windows games

Wraithmind is a turn-based sci-fi RPG in development by Timbro Studios for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. While previously titled Twin Moon Galaxy, now renamed to Wraithmind. There is currently no planned release date.

But there will be Linux support, since Unity 3D is being used for development.

Timbro Studios confirm Linux support:

“The game will be ported to Linux as well as Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.”

So that’s all well and good. Everything is straight forward. While the story itself follows Maia. A young woman who wakes up in a space laboratory with strange abilities. Since gameplay will take you from space ships to ancient alien ruins. While you work to uncover the origin of Maia’s powers.

Wraithmind Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


Journey through laboratories, starships, outer space mining stations and ancient alien ruins. While you follow the story of Maia, a young woman who awakens with strange abilities.

Discover the origins of her powers and the mysteries of space as you experience the world of Wraithmind.


In 2118, mankind developed the technology of interstellar travel. Following this discovery, missions are in place to explore Alpha Centauri. Which is also the nearest solar system.

While taking place over the next several decades, a mining station is built on Tehum. The moon of a planet in Alpha Centauri which is habitable. So now 60 years later, starships routinely travel between Earth and Tehum.

Turn-based sci-fi RPG Development:

Wraithmind has been in development since June 2015. The full game will be releasing at the end of 2018.

For more information about Wraithmind, visit the website or follow on Twitter.

Timbro Studios is a new independent video game developer. Also founded in 2017, and Wraithmind will be its first game release.
While there is no Steam page as of yet. The games due to release on Linux, Mac and Windows.

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