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WrestleQuest epic RPG brawls onto Linux

wrestlequest pro wrestling and rpg game launches on both linux and windows pc

WrestleQuest pro wrestling and RPG game launches on both Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of Mega Cat Studios. Available on both Steam and Humble Store with Positive reviews.

Mega Cat Studios and Skybound Entertainment have teamed up to release a game that is a unique blend of pro wrestling and RPG, WrestleQuest, on Linux.

At its core, WrestleQuest offers a chance to step into the shoes of an up and coming wrestler. Just as every sports person dreams of reaching the height of their sport, players embark on a journey alongside the legends of wrestling. But it’s not just about sheer power or flashy moves. Since it’s a test of dedication, perseverance, and the unyielding spirit to stand tall. Even when faced with adversity.

WrestleQuest draws inspiration from towering figures of the wrestling world, such as “Macho Man” Randy Savage. These figures aren’t just references; the settings and tests you face are designed to reflect the illustrious careers of these wrestling giants. Think of it as diving into the most exciting chapters of a history book. But instead of just reading, you’re living out those moments.

The combat mechanics of WrestleQuest fuse familiar role-playing elements with the dynamism of wrestling. It’s not just about choosing an attack but learning the rhythm and style that will give you an edge in the ring. You can personalize your wrestler, not just in terms of looks, but right down to the way they taunt opponents. The same with the way they make a grand entrance.

WrestleQuest – Launch Trailer

Beyond the ring, the world brims with imagination. While the term ‘monsters’ might remind you of a fantasy RPG, here they are enemies with flamboyant costumes and larger than life personas. Allies, too, come in the form of other wrestling personalities. Some based on real-life legends like André the Giant and Jake the Snake Roberts. WrestleQuest is a vibrant blend of the real and surreal. While offering a fresh look on the wrestling domain.

To top it off, WrestleQuest is a salute to the wrestling greats. As you navigate through challenges and milestones, you’ll find nods to iconic figures such as Booker T, Diamond Dallas Page, and Jeff Jarrett, to name a few. It’s not just about the thrill of the fight; it’s also a journey through the hall of fame. While paying respect to those who have laid the groundwork for the sport.

Player Feedback:

Many players were excited about the blend of wrestling and RPG elements in WrestleQuest. However, they found the frequent Quick Time Events (QTEs) in battles to be tedious. Although the music and art were praised, some areas lacked music and the character movement was deemed slow. The inclusion of real-life podcasters was debatable. Players also reported bugs, and some feel that WrestleQuest would benefit from early access feedback. However, wrestling fans like the nostalgia, character cameos, and the game’s overall concept. Overall, it’s a mix of good aesthetics but some gameplay frustrations.

WrestleQuest pro wrestling and RPG is more than just a pastime. It’s a bridge connecting the fantasy of role-playing with the adrenaline of wrestling. All while paying tribute to the legends that have shaped the wrestling universe. So, if you’re keen to step beyond the ropes and test your mettle, this might just be your next big challenge. Launching on Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $29.99 USD / £21.99 / 29,99€. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC.

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