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Wrongworld developer holding off on support

wrongworld developer holding off on linux support

Wrongworld developer Sludj Games is holding off on Linux and Mac support. We have been working with the developer in hopes of seeing native support soon. Well there is a lengthy explanation. And the Linux port will also have to wait, sadly.

So here is the full post from the Steam post. This explains in details what Sludj Games is going through. And since this statement, I have replied to the developer via email to see what can be done with the Ubuntu install. So hopefully we have some good news there.

An attempt at Linux support by developer Sludj Games

After I got version 1.2 of Wrongworld live at the end of October, I decided it was finally time to fully focus on the Mac and Linux versions of the game. Even though I had no experience of Mac and Linux things in general. For some reason I was confident that I’d be able to get both launches together by the end of November.

I shall begin by recounting The Epic Saga of November Linux Fails (in bullet point format):

  • I spent about 4 days at the start of November wrestling with one of my test computers. Desperately trying to rid it of Windows and install Ubuntu in its place. Mucho fiddling around with BIOS and bootables and other things that make me feel very uncomfortable. Only to discover that the problem baffling me for about 3-and-a-half days. Is in fact a faulty USB port. Sigh!
  • Then wasted a few more days trying to cross-compile the Linux version of the game from my main Windows machine, but discovered that it’d require me to do a few potentially scary things. I didn’t want to accidentally mangle my main computer. So I decided to get the Unreal Engine set up natively on my new Ubuntu machine instead.
  • Spent several more days figuring out how to actually build the Unreal Engine in Ubuntu, but I got there in the end. Mostly.
  • Booted it up, created a few test projects, discovered that the graphics were all messed up. “Probable graphics driver issues,” I thought. “Should be easy to fix… I’ll ignore that for now while I do this next thing…”
  • Transferred the Wrongworld project over to the Ubuntu machine, tried to load it up, wouldn’t load because of some third-party dependency issue that would’ve been easy to fix on either Windows or Mac due to the Epic Games launcher/marketplace, but that doesn’t exist in the Linux version. Managed to fumble my way around that issue a bit – or, at least, I thought I had figured out how to fix it – but decided to ignore it for now, go back to the previous issue, and get the graphics drivers sorted out first instead.
  • Utterly bricked my poor little Ubuntu machine by doing things I shouldn’t have done in its all-powerful “Terminal”/Command Prompt.
  • Smashed face against wall for a long while.
  • Reinstalled Ubuntu… Back to square one. Maybe square two.
  • Realised I’d ultimately need to go back to the “cross-compiling from Windows” method, but I needed a break from all things Linux before I went insane.

Wrongworld Launch Trailer (Windows, works on Linux via Steam Play)

So, what does all this mean for the Mac and Linux versions? Well, it means they won’t be landing any time soon, I’m afraid. I’m really am sad about that, and I promise I haven’t given up. So I will not let these other versions defeat me, but some things need to happen first

  • I want to buy a new Windows machine in order to attempt the cross-compiling to Linux without putting my beloved (and pretty vital) main machine in harm’s way. I know that may be overreacting a little, but I’m not feeling particularly confident in my techie skills at the moment, and I’d rather be safe than sorry.

So as it stands right now, the Linux and even the Mac build is on hold. The game engine of course is Unreal Engine 4, but Wrongworld is playable via Steam Play. And it works really well, which I did pass on to the developer. You know, as a sense of hope. And I have not tested Wrongworld via Lutris or Wine standalone.

Wrongworld is available on Steam, Humble Store and GOG for $14.99 USD on Windows. Otherwise we will have to wait for support, sadly.

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