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Wrongworld native support coming next

wrongworld survival game linux support coming next

Wrongworld the surreal survival game for Windows is also coming to Linux and Mac next. Since the games already has an overwhelmingly positive review score on Steam. Now launching version 1.2. Adding a brand new playable mode to the game: Custom Mode!

So first things first, what’s going on with Linux support?
Well we reached out Sludj Games with some surprisingly good news. The long awaited survival game will finally get some native love.

Linux Support:

“Yep, Mac and Linux are next on my list of things to do. I literally won’t be working on anything else until they’re done now.”

So amongst the many people I am fortunate to work with in the gaming industry. Sludj Games are indeed influencial, creating one of the best games of it’s genre. And yes, Linux support seems to taking a while. Apparently not any more, according the statement above. Wrongworld is certainly gaining more and more attention. But this confirmation is what I’ve been looking forward to for some time. There is no release date yet.

Wrongworld already offering up a selection of different game modes. So players can choose from – Easy, Normal, Hard, Creative, Permadeath, Non-Permadeath. But now there’s also a brand new “Custom Mode”. Since this allows you to play around with a wide range of settings to tailor the game world. All based on your own personal preferences before you begin.

Wrongworld Launch Trailer (Windows, next Linux and Mac)

Like playing on Normal Mode but struggle finding enough food? No problem – just tweak the “Hunger Loss” setting however you want. Enjoy the safety of Easy Mode but wish it was a little more crazy? Crank up the “Event Frequency” and the world will bombard you with the unexpected. Play around with the difficulty of the native beasties, tweak the number of resources in the world, decide whether or not you want to face the dangers of permadeath, and even mess around with the gravity of the world!

Update 1.2 also brings a wide range of other game enhancements, such as an upgrade to the house-building system, indoor lighting, refined combat lock-on systen, and a number of user interface and quality of life improvements.

So being that Sludj Games also announced that both Linux and Mac versions should be launching in the near future. Those eager to dive into gameplay via Proton using Steam Play can do so, at a Gold level. Which plays well for an Unreal Engine 4 release.

Wrongworld is available on both Steam and Humble Store priced at $14.99 USD.

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