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WURM Unlimited Online just released the 1.3 update on Steam

wurm unlimited online sandbox mmo just released the 1.3 update on steam linux pc

Wurm Unlimited, the private server spinoff of the #Sandbox MMO Wurm Online. Now #releasing version 1.3 on the 6th of March on Linux and Windows PC. Hence this new update comes with major #overhauls to the food and cooking system. Along with tons of new decorative content and features. Now 1.3 is the biggest update to come to Wurm Unlimited since it’s release.

The new system introduces over 100 new ingredients, over 500 recipes, and allows over 10,000 possible variations of meals.

Cooking complex meals will provide temporary skillgain bonuses that differ per player. Allowing Linux and Windows PC players to explore and try new ingredients to find ones that boost the skills they want.

So the aim of this update is to create a far more immersive experience within Wurm Unlimited. Hence giving players room to explore, cooking with different ingredients in order to find recipes and combinations. This provides them the skill boost they desire.

This update also comes with the feature to allow server admins to create their own custom recipes to appear within the game, allowing continuing expansion of the recipe system as time goes on.

A long feature in request, beekeeping is also available, with the ability for players to find wild hives and create domestic hives. Allowing the collection of honey and beeswax.

Aside from the food aspect, 1.3 will also introduce a new Runic system, allowing users to customise their items and tools for specific bonuses ranging from faster uses and boosts to quality of gathered resources, to even acting as a light source.

This update Is the first major update since the departure of creator Rolf Jansson, who in 2016 stepped back from active development and passed lead development to Blake Tilly. Rolf will continue on as CEO of Code Club.

About WURM Online Unlimited:

Wurm Online is a java-based sandbox MMO fantasy game developed by independent game developer Code Club AB, formerly OneTooFree AB and founded by Mojang Specifications (Rolf Jansson and Markus ‘Notch’ Persson of Minecraft).

Wurm Online is the game of limitless opportunity and freedom where the actions of every player can make a lasting difference. Staying true to the origins of sandbox gaming we offer no character classes, quests, or a pre-built environment. Instead, we offer players the opportunity to choose their own direction and to train any or all of the skills they desire while living in a breathing and evolving world entirely built and maintained by the players that inhabit it.

Developed in Java, Wurm not only is unique in its approach to the mmo genre, but to game development itself.

WURM Unlimited sandbox MMO is available on Steam for Linux and Windows PC.

Also make sure to check out the official website, blog, follow on Twitter and Facebook.

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