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Wyvia 3D action RPG is worth playing

wyvia open world 3D action rpg game is worth playing on linux and windows pc

Wyvia open world 3D action RPG game is worth playing on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the innovative team at Blast Programming for bringing this captivating new world to life. Available on both Steam and itch with 96% Very Positive reviews.

Ready to dive into a new game on the digital shelves? Let’s talk about Wyvia. It’s a fresh release from the creative minds at Blast Programming, an open world 3D action RPG game with an aesthetic that echoes classic Japanese RPGs. It’s not just for Windows PC fans – Linux players, you’re in for a monstrous title.

Wyvia takes place in a world where mythical wyverns once soared the skies, guardians of peace and order. But they’ve vanished, leaving humans to fend for themselves. That’s where you come in – a rookie in a mercenary company, with a heavy responsibility resting on your shoulders. Your mission is not just to fend off chaos, but to also unearth the mystery of the wyverns’ disappearance.

As you embark on this journey, you get to step into the boots of one of ten distinct classes. But it’s not set in stone. Flexibility is your best friend in Wyvia. Since you’re encouraged to mix and match abilities from different classes. Due to forge a character that truly represents your style. And with a deep skill system at your disposal, the possibilities are almost endless.

Your character will never be static. As you gain experience, you can pour points into various attributes, refining your strengths. And it’s not just about the stats – your arsenal is equally customizable. Crafting and upgrading your equipment is just as much a part of your Wyvia strategy as is your choice of skillset.

Wyvia Release Date Trailer

Exploration is a cornerstone of your adventure. The land is vast, dotted with diverse settings – sunny meadows, shadowy forests, harsh deserts, and frigid tundras. Each terrain in Wyvia comes with its own challenges. Including dungeons that hide both dangers and rewards.

What’s an adventure without formidable foes? You’ll face them, and when you do, the combat is designed to be satisfying and intuitive. Whether you’re swinging a massive axe or unleashing powerful abilities, combat is about enjoyment and tactically unleashing your character’s potential.

And there’s a twist – you’re not just fighting monsters; you’re also on a path to harness their power. You’ll discover abilities that allow you to embody the might of the lost wyverns. Think fire breath and the raw power of their claws. It’s about becoming the very force that once kept the world safe.

Wyvia offers a refreshingly simple yet deep combat system that rewards exploration and slaying monsters. While it might lack a compelling narrative and pose little difficulty, its engaging class and leveling mechanics captivate players. While creating an addictive experience that makes it easy to recommend to those seeking a satisfying adventure without the need for complex storylines.

Interested in more details? Wyvia open world 3D action RPG is waiting for you on Steam and itch. This is where you can take your first step into this vast, monster-filled world and start crafting your own legend.

Remember, this isn’t just a digital adventure – it’s a canvas, and you’re the artist. Create your character, explore at your will, and become the force that defines the fate of this world. Priced at $9.99 USD / £8.50 / 9,75€. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC.

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