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Wyvia Spring Speedrun Challenge is live

wyvia spring speedrun challenge for the 3d action rpg game on linux steam deck and windows pc

Wyvia Spring Speedrun Challenge for the 3D action RPG game on Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative minds at Blast Programming for adding some extra to the experience. Available on Steam with 96% Very Positive reviews.

We have some fantastic news about Wyvia, a 3D action RPG that’s offering a Spring Speedrun Challenge. Blast Programming, the brilliant minds behind this title, have kicked off an exhilarating speed-running competition with some nice prizes, including $200 Steam Gift Cards. Plus, they’re offering a solid discount during the Steam Spring Sale. It’s the perfect time to dive into this world and show off your skills on Linux and Steam Deck.

In support of the Spring Speedrun Challenge, let’s talk about what makes Wyvia stand out. Set in a fantasy realm, this adventure throws you into a chaotic world where wyverns, once guardians of peace, have vanished. As a result, humans have formed mercenary companies to battle the chaos unleashed by mysterious portals and the monsters pouring through them. As a new recruit in this turbulent era, you’re not just fighting to survive; you’re also on a quest to uncover the wyverns’ fate.

What really hooks players in Wyvia is its impressive combat system. It’s easy to pick up but offers enough depth to keep you engaged. Whether you prefer smashing enemies with a massive axe or raining destruction with powerful abilities, this title ensures every encounter is a blast. The active skills system lets you focus on the action, whether you’re up close or attacking from a distance, tailoring your approach to fit your style.

Wyvia Trailer (to encourage the Spring Speedrun Challenge)

But what’s a 3D action RPG adventure game without choices? Wyvia shines here as well and will test you in the Spring Speedrun Challenge. Since you can mix and match skills and passive abilities from different classes. Allowing for some truly unique builds. As you progress, upgrading your character’s attributes and distributing skill points create a character that’s distinctly yours.

The world is vast and varied, with sunny grasslands, dense forests, desolate deserts, and more. Spring Speedrun Challenge tests your fate in area, since it is not just a backdrop but a part of the Wyvia story. It’s also full of with long-lost dungeons and hidden treasures. The absence of wyverns, once the protectors of this land, adds an intriguing twist to your journey.

Perhaps the best feature? You get to unlock and wield wyvern powers. Imagine breathing fire, unleashing powerful bites, or slashing through enemies with rending claws. It’s about embodying the might of these mythical creatures.

To get in on the Spring Speedrun Challenge, check out Wyvia on Steam, and for updates and community interaction, join Blast Programming on Discord and Twitter. Whether you’re competing in the speed-run event or just exploring this rich world. It’s available on Linux, Steam Deck (playable), and Windows PC. The game is priced at $7.99 USD / £6.80 / 7,80€ with a 20% discount.

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