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XCOM 2 mod makes soldiers look like a classic Stormtrooper


The #helmet #modder Platoon has #released a new mod on the Steam Workshop.

The mod features full color and camo customization with face-paint, so everything blends to create the realism. For those who do not own the Reinforcement Pack DLC, facepaint “Invisible” is included in the mod.


  • Classic Stormtrooper Helmet (Reworked)
  • Scout Trooper Helmet (Reworked)
  • First Order Helmet
  • Mandalorian Helmet
  • Republic Commando Helmet
  • Clone Trooper Phase 1 Helmet
  • Tie Fighter Helmet
  • Flametrooper Helmet
  • Full color and camo customization
  • Facepaint “Black Collar” to cover the exposed neck
  • Facepaint “Invisible” for those who do not own the Reinforcement DLC

Platoon working on the Republic Commando Helmet, adding more helmets, texture improvements, and more:

  • Total rework on the Republic Commando Helmet
  • Star Wars Armor mod (you won’t see this any time soon)
  • More texture improvements
  • More helmets

If you want to go a step further, the Lord Vader mod is also in the Steam Workshop from user Hideous.

If you want to go full Star Wars with your XCOM 2, check out the voice packs for Boba Fett, Republic Commando’s Delta Squad, and the TwiLek voice pack.


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