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XCOM: Enemy Unknown appears to be poised for beta testing on Steam for Linux

xcom enemy unknown may be beta testing for linux


XCOM: Enemy Unknown looks like it’s coming to #Steam for Linux, as suggested to changes posted on the Steam Database.

The lines were spotted and go as follows:

Changed UFS
rootoverrides/2/os: linux
rootoverrides/2/oscompare: =
rootoverrides/2/pathtransforms/1/find: My Games/XCOM – Enemy Unknown/XComGame
rootoverrides/2/pathtransforms/1/replace: feral-interactive/XCOM/SaveData
rootoverrides/2/pathtransforms/2/find: My Games/XCOM – Enemy Within/XComGame
rootoverrides/2/pathtransforms/2/replace: feral-interactive/XCOM/XEW/SaveData
rootoverrides/2/root: WinMyDocuments
rootoverrides/2/useinstead: LinuxXdgDataHome

This entry makes specific mention of “XCOM: Enemy Unknown Mac and Linux for Beta Testing,” and was added to the datatbase six days ago.

Firaxis and 2K have yet to confirm XCOM: Enemy Unknown for Linux, but we’ve shot them an email to see what’s-what.

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