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Xenomarine sci-fi dungeon crawler hits Linux

xenomarine sci-fi dungeon crawler hits steam linux mac windows games 2017

Xenomarine is a sci-fi-horror themed roguelike dungeon crawler in Linux, Mac and Windows PC game. The games currently available now via Steam Early Access and

Players take on the roll of a space marine. While you explore a dark alien infested space station. Since you start out with nothing but a crowbar. As well as a torch running low on battery. And also some damaged armour. All in the hope of finding powerful alien tech.
Xenomarine combines classic ‘roguelike’ gameplay. Which also includes procedural level generation. And perma death. Along with climatic visuals and an innate interface.

“This is a long term project and I expect to keep. Adding new features and content. Until this is the best game it can possibly be. However I currently expect to release Version 1.0 during 2018.”

Xenomarine Trailer:


  • Classic turn-based gameplay with lots of strategic depth
  • Infinite, randomly generated levels (no final level)
  • Atmospheric 3D lighting effects
  • Unique useable items such as scanners. Also stimpacks and directional forcefields.
  • Over 150 unique enemy types in Xenomarine
  • Over 70 learnable skill upgrades
  • Crafting (craft items from scrap and upgrade weapons and armor)
  • Intuitive user interface. With mouse only and keyboard only support

Since Xenomarine development began in early 2015. The games largely stable. And also very much a playable.
So due take note, the Early Access version features infinite levels. With 80 alien species. Plus hundreds of weapons, armor and items with unique abilities.

Xenomarine’s progress is influenced by the roguelike community. Fourfold Games are always on the look out for feedback. So you can help shape development of the game. The games with your comments on Twitter. Also the development blog. Or the Xenomarine subreddit are welcome.

Xenomarine is a dungeon crawler available for Linux, Mac and Windows. Available on Steam Early Access. Plus a 15% discount until November 1st. And on where you name the price. The games design is best suited for keyboard and mouse only. While including a mix of controller preferences.

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