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Xenomarine sci fi horror launches on Steam

xenomarine sci fi horror launches on steam in linux mac windows pc games

Xenomarine sci fi horror launches out of Early Access in Linux, Mac and Windows PC games. Thanks to the work of developer Fourfold Games. Now after a year and a half on Early Access. Release version 1.0 is now on Steam. Along with a discount too.

Xenomarine sci fi horror is a dark, climatic roguelike. While you play a space marine. Exploring an alien infested space station.
Since you start out with nothing more than a crowbar. Which means you will have to fight to survive. Facing over 120 increasingly powerful alien species. While you progress as far as you can. Also fighting you way through endless randomly generated levels.

Xenomarine Steam Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

With no starting classes in Xenomarine. You will also develop your own character. While building the ultimate fighting machine. All using a range of in game choices.
Create a unique build each time you play. Find and select from a large array of items. A unique range of usable and upgradable weapons. Which also includes armour as well. This way you can tank out your character as you see fit.

Although the focus in Xenomarine is on items. This is in place of a skills focus.
There are also 70 skill levels to be learned. Since you gain experience from combat. And from randomly generated missions.

Features include:

  • Infinite number of randomly generated levels in Xenomarine
  • Atmospheric 3D lighting. And also procedurally generated atmospheric sounds
  • Unique usable items such as scanners. Also stimpacks and directional force fields
  • Over 70 learnable skill upgrades
  • Complete set of achievements (27 new achievements added)
  • Random mini quests in Xenomarine
  • Multiple damage types and status effects
  • Crafting (craft items from scrap and upgrade weapons and armor)
  • Hack drones and turrets. So you can deploy traps and use alien tech
  • Realistic sci-fi sounds. Including randomly generated atmosphere sounds

Xenomarine is launches the 1.0 release. The games available on Steam. Also playable on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $8.49. Since this includes the 15% discount until April 30th.

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