Xenosis: Alien Infection release coming Q3 2019

xenosis alien infection release coming Q3 2019 in linux mac windows games

Xenosis: Alien Infection is expecting to release on Linux, Mac and Windows in Q3 2019 via Steam games. We reached out to developer NerdRage Studios for details, since the Steam page outlines March 2019. It turns out that need to be corrected.

Xenosis: Alien Infection is retro-inspired, top down sci-fi adventure and survival game. While the design keeps focus focus on the story-driven single-player experience. Since the title surpassed its funding goal on Fig back in May 2018. The same community publishing platform behind games such as Phoenix Point, Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, and Wasteland 3.

We are following Xenosis: Alien Infection ever since the Fig campaign. There are also details floating around about the games March 31st release. But according to the recent reply, the Alpha is actually coming later.

Linux day-one and Q3 2019 release:

“Ok, so the game is still in early development, likely alpha is around Q3 2019. So no real firm release date yet. Linux support will be on day one 🙂
Release price is likely to be around the £19.99 mark, although that will be firmed up towards release. And I don’t know if there will be a launch discount yet.”

So it’s a pleasure to have that day-one confirmation. To be honest, this is a surprise, especially for an Alpha. But never the less, good news is good news.

In case you don’t know much about the game. Xenosis Alien Infection blends retro 2D pixel art, with 3D modern lighting, dynamic shadows, and 3D positional audio. While creating a very unique and immersive experience for Linux, Mac, Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

Xenosis: Alien Infection also draws inspirations from games and films. Such as Alien Breed, System Shock, Aliens, Dead Space, and Event Horizon. Except this release is going to be a cross-platform singleplayer.

Xenosis Fig Trailer the games Sneak Peak release (Linux, Mac, Windows)

About Xenosis Alien Infection

You are a deep space salvage hunter in Xenosis Alien Infection. One who also discovers the remains of the Carpathian, an apparently abandoned interstellar Starship. Built to terraform mineral rich planets on the edge of the known solar system. Which vanishes, now over 50 years ago.
Taking place on the Carpathian, you must retrieve the valuable data core. Life support systems are down, so there are traces of an unidentified toxin. As you explore, you begin to learn what happened to its crew and must prevent it from happening to you.

As players explore the Carpathian’s multiple themed, hand-crafted decks, each with areas to investigate and secrets to discover, the game’s main storyline unfolds, but players have the ability to follow side stories and lore as well. Xenosis Alien Infection offers five core gameplay pillars:, Combat/AI, Survival, Crafting, Lighting/Stealth and Immersion.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to the release of Xenosis Alien Infection on Linux, Mac and Windows. Make sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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