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XO a procedurally generated RTS is coming


Recently, the Square Enix Collective is showcasing various projects to instigate community #support for potential backers, and out of this effort an RTS titled XO is revealed from Jumpdrive Studios for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

The teaser trailer is short, but the developing game is packed with a ton of features that could barely be covered in 30 seconds.

In XO you command a ragtag fleet of starships against an unbeatable enemy. You’ll be evacuating refugees, scrounging for resources, overcoming political treachery, and assembling your flock from one jump point to the next. Your goal is to lead what’s left of humanity out of reach from the unknown threat that pursues.

XO is focused on fleet tactics, political conflict, and resource logistics. The ships in your flock, planets you journey to, and events you encounter are procedurally generated, giving you a unique experience every time you play. Each scenario should last 3-7 minutes, with an entire game playing out in about 90 minutes.

As a procedurally generated RTS, title comes with with 3-7 minute combat scenarios, so a single playthrough will apparently take around 90 minutes. And being that each game will be differrent, gameplay will be unique, with more than enough reason to keep playing.


The main features and mechanics from Jumpdrive Studios are listed below.

  • XO is a single player game in development for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC
  • The game unfolds in real-time but gives you the ability to pause the action and issue commands
  • XO focuses on tactics, operations and big decisions over micro-management
  • How you respond to events will have lasting effects on the people in your fleet
  • Most of the gameplay is procedurally generated: events, starships, star systems, planets and personalities
  • Newtonian physics govern starship movement in a 2D plane
  • We believe in Permadeath


XO is looking for Steam Greenlight votes and still has 18 days to go on the Square Enix Collective before what will likely be a crowdfunding campaign, so vote and show your support. The actual release date has yet to be decided.

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