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XO space based RTS releases a massive update

xo space based rts releases a big update for linux mac and windows pc

XO space based RTS releases a massive update for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of developer Jumpdrive Studios. Which is still going strong via Steam Early Access. Holding 96% Very Positive reviews since the December 2019 release.

Space based RTS XO challenges players to take control of a rag tag fleet. Who is trying to flee an overwhelming enemy in a procedurally generated setting. And ongoing support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.
Inspired by Battlestar Galactica and FTL among others. You will have to find if your choices can save or doom humanity. Since you will have to do anything from rescuing survivors to gathering resources. On top of dealing with political treachery.

To kick off this massive update, you will notice that your fleet now jumps away visibly and in real time. Even though warships jump away last and continue defending until finally, your battleship jumps out. During the brief jump, your battleship races ahead to emerge first. So you can begin to take action. Including plotting a jump, immediately after the battleship touches down.

Top Scores are also now part of the XO main menu. With more stats to be added soon. But you can now track tidbits like your best relations and the size and makeup of your fleet. As well as how many jumps you survived.

A Captain’s Guide is available to answer quite a few questions. But due note, even with this massive update, the Guide is a work in progress. So expect additions, changes, and tweaks to entries for a while.

More New Features

  • Increased level of ship detail in 1.40.
  • Added probably one of our biggest feature requests, scroll-wheeling the fleet list.
  • Formations received a total rewrite in. The XO editor is the most obvious change but formations in general should defend fly and behave more like they should.
  • Added two new ships, first the long awaited Rover capital ship, the MegaFixer. The MegaFixer sports two military grade lasers, two ion torpedo launchers and an extra weapon hardpoint. It can fix disabled ships and also seize and hold disabled ships through jump.
  • The Pact Cutter is a single laser fast ship with four cargo holds. Designed to rapidly deploy boarding parties and recover cargo.

In another XO QOL improvement, all mining ships now temporarily hold mining operations when there is no ore available. Then resume once jumped to a location with ore. The same holds true for melting ice. Mining beams now assume different colors depending on their current use.

XO 2020 Early Access Trailer

The Irenic Plasma Shield also received an overhaul. Offering new visual effects and a much improved UI. There’s a lot to cover so head over to the Captain’s Guide or Changelog for all the details.

  • Lasers now have a groovy visual effect when hitting targets.
  • Repair ships can now repair or salvage ships already seized.
  • Adding several new cargo items. You will be able to discover them.

For new XO players, the tutorial was greatly expanded. Making gameplay straight forward across Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Due to everyone offering suggestions on improving it.

Plus a lot more in the list below:

  • Optimized combat effects and models to improve the framerate in large battles.
  • Hailing another ship now has a visible effect.
  • Lifeboats, shuttles and stations now have flashing beacons. This really makes it a lot easier to spot those XO lifeboats, and that’s a good thing. So you can leave any of those behind but there’s now a good chance you’ll take a hit to relations.
  • Ships on Weapons Free now automatically attack nearby mines.
  • The remaining boarding shuttles were modeled and added.
  • Added two new abilities to our extremely robust event scripting engine. Such as a jettison cargo action and ship slot free condition. With these, boarding parties now check to see if there’s room for them. Then take appropriate action if there is no room aboard.
  • Lifeboats no longer show up in the fleet list.
  • Warships and mining ships now show a large indicator above the vessel. If they cannot fire due to being resource starved. Weapons will continue to fire as soon as resources become available.

Also, be sure to check out the Balance changes as well as XO QOL/UI/Event logic improvements. This post does not nearly cover all of the changes in this massive update. Since it’s completely massive.

XO space based RTS is available via Steam Early Access. Priced at $19.99 USD. With support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.