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Yacht Club Games 2D platformer Shovel Knight release trailer

Shovel Knight release trailer

Even when things are at their darkest, the brave and noble Shovel Knight cometh. Today Yacht Club Games started showing off their nostalgic 2D #platformer a bit early by releasing Shovel Knight‘s #release trailer, a few days prior to the game’s full release on June 26. The trailer is appropriately epic both for 2D platformer fans and huge nerds that can appropriately revere a knight who wields a shovel instead of a standard sword. The hot retro action could not be better captured in two minutes of delightful gameplay if Trevor Belmont himself cut it.

Speaking of Trevor Belmont, fans of retro platformers should immediately recognize several throwback features and nods in Shovel Knight. There’s that classic DuckTales pogo jump and attack, deadlier than ever, a Super Mario Bros. 3 map (roaming enemies will even spawn and jump around between movements), and just plenty of that classic Castlevania sentimentality. Yacht Club games obviously has a ton of respect for its predecessors, but really there’s nothing like it.

Linux Game News has been able to spend a bit of time with Shovel Knight and we are more than comfortable saying that it’s epic in many ways. Through the early levels the gameplay is ridiculously crisp, a mix of Castlevania restrictions and more modern platformer controls that give players immediate response and control. Having moments where one of us may or may not have yelled at the game, but so far even these bleak moments never feel punishing so much as challenging and wonderfully nostalgic. We cannot wait to finish the game and share further thoughts.  A huge thanks to the team at Yacht Club Games for keeping Linux Game News informed.

Shovel Knight launches on June 26, priced at $15 for the PC, Mac, Linux, Wii U and 3DS.


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