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Yaga wants to see enough requests to issue a port

yaga funny hack and slash developer seeks requests to issue a port for the game on linux with windows pc

Yaga funny hack and slash developer wants to see enough requests to issue a port for the game on Linux with Windows PC. According to developer Breadcrumbs Interactive and independent games publisher Versus Evil. Which is also getting great reviews plus a discount sale on Humble Store, GOG and Steam.

Yaga is darkly funny hack and slash action RPG game. Which is now available for Windows PC. To mark the momentous occasion, the game releases version 1.2, the “Spirits for Spirits Update”. Which includes a brand new side mission and new game improvements. We also have further developer feedback regarding Linux, interesting.

Linux Support Status:

Sorry, there are no plans at this moment for a native Linux build. But once we’re done with developing additional content, if there’s enough requests for it, we’ll look into it.

This is certainly an intriguing reply. Yaga still has more content in development. But like other developers, with all of the COVID-19 restrictions, they are really keeping the focus on sales. Now dev’s want to ensure there is enough support before expanding to further platforms. And that also includes a Linux build, even though Yaga is developed using Unity 3D. But on the contrary, the game does play rather well using Proton 5.13-4. Still, your Tux Love and +1 will help make Linux support happen.

Yaga’s darkly funny story and action RPG premise tells the story of Ivan. A one handed blacksmith with incredibly bad luck. Who must also take on the futile tasks given to him by the tzar. The mysterious witch, Baba Yaga, keeps a keen eye over Ivan’s fate. Since he mashes a variety of wretched monsters and legends. All taking inspiration from the diverse myths and pagan beliefs of unsettling Slavic folk tales.

Players can craft a vast range of hammers and tools. These are what Ivan needs to survive this dark underworld of myth and mystery. Taking advantage of the game’s deep forging system. The ability for players to experiment with a different mixture of items. These include talismans, magic items, curses and blessings. Also basic changes for the way Ivan plays, further increasing Ivan’s ability to perform.

Yaga | Bad Spirits Trailer

The results of Ivan’s actions and the decisions players make in the game affect his fame. These also include the various upgrades accessible to him. This provides players with different outcomes and results based on how they want to play.

With an art look heavily inspired by Russian storybook drawing. This includes traditional clothing motifs. As well as rural art from the countryside of eastern Europe. Yaga’s Slavic flavor is a wickedly funny story tale with a darker edge.

Yaga is also available with a 40% discount on Humble Store, GOG and Steam until January 19th. Currently only available with a Windows PC build. Hopefully, with enough support we will see the game on Linux too.

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