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Yars: Recharged bullet-dodging out soon

yars: recharged bullet dodging shoot-em up game out soon on linux mac windows pc

Yars: Recharged bullet dodging shoot-em up game out soon on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to the work and effort of both Adamvision Studios and SneakyBox. Which is coming to Steam this month.

It’s nearly time to go bug-wild, as Atari has announced August 23, 2022, as the launch date. Due to release Yars: Recharged, the latest entry in the publisher’s popular Atari Recharged series. Coming with these details, Atari has also dropped a brand new teaser trailer. This shows the game’s magnetic bullet hell gameplay and neo-retro look.

Yars: Recharged Gameplay Trailer

Yars: Recharged and the whole Atari Recharged series is made with developers Adamvision Studios and SneakyBox. Along with award winning artist and composer Megan McDuffee. Who is creating the beat heavy, pulsing original soundtrack.


  • Yars: Recharged thrusts players to the center of a daring attack against the enemy homeworld. One that is also guarded by mechanical hives that pulse deadly cannons. Since they emit flurries of swirling missiles.
  • Find pockets of safety amongst the hail of incoming fire. Then dart forward in daring forays to chip away at the enemy’s defenses.
  • Gather enough energy by destroying enemy shields. Which is due to power up the huge destructive Zorlon cannon. Then use its pulsing, searing blasts of cosmic energy to destroy enemies.
  • Yars: Recharged will test players to remain very aware. Doing so via visual and audio cues. Since they are a hint at coming danger. Then master the smooth flying controls as they work through increasingly complex levels.
  • Co-op: This is a local co-op game in both arcade and mission mode. A big change from the original and a ton of fun for you and a friend.

Yars: Recharged bullet-dodging shoot-em up game will be available on August 23, 2022. Due to arrive on Steam. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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