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Ylands sandbox releases on Early Access

ylands sandbox releases on early access for windows linux games 2017

Ylands [official website] is a sandbox exploration adventure for Windows but not Linux? I know. But the games also a platform for making custom games. Since these range from simple scenarios to sophisticated game modes. Ylands is now available on Steam Early Access make it’s 2017 debut.

What about Linux support

“Unfortunately there aren’t any plans to port Ylands to Linux at the moment.”

So what’s the problem here? Well the games development is using Unity 3D. So this marks another game that should have native support. But it’s Early Access and native support is not possible? Therefore it’s time to show some Tux Love.

Ylands Update

Now, we would like to introduce you to the biggest update of Ylands so far – 0.6 “Countless Colors” which brings massive new features and improvements to the game! As this would be our last update before the Steam release, we’d like to ask you to help us improve the game even more by providing your feedback over here.

Ylands Dev Diary: 0.6 Countless Colors

So, the update is called “Countless Colors” for a reason. From now on, you can paint most of the game’s objects. So pink penguins, multicolored boat and whatever else you choose.

The new update also features padlocks – enabling players to protect most of the interactive objects in the game.

The games 2017 Trailer:

Ylands Features:

  • Fully interactable world with thousands of objects and items for use, to find or craft
  • Modifiable terrain with fauna, flora and resources fully reflecting its climate zone
  • Wide range of things you can do – from mining, taming and riding horses. To building elaborate energy devices. Even making potions to constructing ships of a custom design
  • All this while seamlessly switching between single and multiplayer modes. So this includes dedicated servers support. From first or third person perspective
  • Built-in game editor that lets you design and share your own levels and adventures

There’s still a lot more to be explored in the latest update and we encourage you to check the detailed changelog over here and also watch this video below which breaks down the highlights of the 0.6 update nicely!

Ylands releases on Steam Early Access, priced at $14.99 USD/Euro. Also the games debut comes with a 20% release discount.

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