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Yoltrund RPG coming to Steam games this week

yoltrund rpg adventure coming to steam games for linux mac windows

Yoltrund is a 2D environmental RPG coming to Steam Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games based on Yoltrund: The World of Eternal Woe. Which is also a short story from back in 2014 by Michael Cox. Now taking shape using unique lore and characters, this tale is told. So do note, the game is coming to Early Access on Wednesday, January 31st.

Long before, there were Two, two brothers of The Ones Who Came Before. One of Light, one of Shadow. These brothers collided to form a third; one of Flame. The One King, burning with anger and hatred. Hence creating the Void that lives in all things. The barrier between realms to prevent his elder brothers from fighting further.

He then succumbed to Sin, causing his eternal fires to rage onward in beautiful shadow. In doing so, he created his realm of Yoltrund, where he punishes such sinners with purifying flame.  So then, vanishes, never to be seen again.

So experience the gripping tale as you play as a lost soul. Trapped within Yoltrund and must find his way out of the realm of eternal fire. However, to do so, he must travel deeper into this dark world. Surviving the mazes within to prevent himself from being caught in the corruption beyond saving.

Yoltrund RPG Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Yoltrund Features:

  • Unique and incredibly deep story and characters based on almost a decade’s worth of lore from the unique Kaiyumian lore base. And with seeds planted in Yoltrund for future instances, your mind will race to solve the mysteries of Yoltrund for them to be revealed in time!
  • A Diary which details your journey through Yoltrund. From the places seen to interactions with characters. All while using original quotes from the original story!
  • The game uses a unique 2D-3D style RPG, using 2D pixel art, but with 3D effects and sequences. This style brings depth and beauty to each level.
  • 18 levels of pure wonder and mystery, each telling their own piece of the tale and containing a wealth of unique characters within. Each of Yoltrund’s levels are handcrafted mazes; no two are the same. To traverse the maze, you must be attentive and aware of your surroundings. You must take hints from the environment as well as the souls within Yoltrund to prevent succumbing to the darkness.
  • Unique and handwritten dialogue for all 100+ characters in the game! Each character tells their own story and their words can help solve the mysteries of Yoltrund and help you find your way out. No two characters are the same and no character is just “filler”!
  • Hand-crafted art and sound effects to make each region unique and deep.
  • The games design is from the perspective of old day RPG’s. No frequent patching and no DLC’s to allow for a complete and enjoyable experience at launch.

Steam games release:

Yoltrund 2D environmental RPG is coming to Steam Early Access. The games going to be available on Linux, Mac and Windows on January 31st, 2018.

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