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Yomi 2 gets savage with fighting cards

yomi 2 fighting card game releases on to early access on linux mac windows pc

Yomi 2 fighting card game releases on to Early Access on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All credit goes to the inventive team at Sirlin Games for their outstanding development work. Inspiring players now on Steam Early Access.

If you’ve got a knack for strategic card play and a soft spot for fantasy fights, this is it. Since it’s time to welcome Yomi 2, the next big thing after the original Yomi. Now, don’t be fooled by the term ‘card play’, this isn’t about leisurely shuffling decks. This is more like Street Fighter and Fantasy Strike. Also a design by the mastermind himself, David Sirlin, but in a new way.

This unique blend of cards and combat releases on Linux, Mac, Windows PC, and the Steam Deck. Due to remain in Early Access, “Until summer of 2024 if things go fast, or summer of 2025 if we decide to add even more features and content.”

Think of a fighting style you like; from hurling fireballs to controlling deadly merfolk. Maybe also commanding agile fox ninjas, Yomi 2 has got you covered. Each fighter is a deck of cards with its unique offensive and defensive tactics. Since test here is to master the blend of cards and strategy. All while you execute epic moves that’d put any joystick to shame.

Yomi 2 – Cinematic Trailer

But it’s not all about the big plays. Part of the excitement is in setting up your combos and timing your moves perfectly for those cinematic moments. So whether you’re practising in training mode or squaring up to opponents online, Yomi 2 has that same rush of adrenaline when you’re facing off in a high-stakes tournament.

Can’t wait to dive in? Well, get ready to embark on a single-player journey that’ll see you visiting different venues. Facing off against the regulars, and eventually competing in grand showdowns. The goal? To be hailed as the best Yomi 2 player in the city. And also become a sensation on the game’s very own faux social media platform.

Plus you can also try out the native Demo as well.

What’s more, Yomi 2 caters for all skill levels. There’s a tutorial for beginners, AI opponents that range from beginner to expert. Even a pass and play mode for some fun local duels against a friend.

So grab a seat, pick up your virtual deck, and immerse yourself in the new world of Yomi 2! Available on Linux, Steam Deck, Mac and Windows PC via Steam Early Access. Priced at $24.99 USD / £20.99 / 24,50€. Which is not due to increase for the full release.

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