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You Suck at Parking racing game aims at Proton

you suck at parking racing game aims at proton for linux via windows pc

You Suck at Parking racing game aims at Proton for Linux via Windows PC. All due to the work and effort of developer Happy Volcano. Which is trying to jump its way onto Steam.

Happy Volcano is excited to lift the lid – or the soft-top, if you prefer. Showing off their top-down racer You Suck at Parking. And also the frantic and frenetic multiplayer mode.

You Suck at Parking is due to be the world’s most extreme parking experience. Also, the only racing game where, cleverly, the goal is to stop. Playing tasks players with racing against the clock as they dash, drift, and ultimately drag their handbrakes as they slam into parking spots. Doing so in the fastest time. The top-down racer will feature more than 100 wild levels. Each with its own increasing difficulty.
The only downside, You Suck at Parking will only be playable on Proton. We reached out to Happy Volcano, this is the reply.

However, the game is playable on Steam Deck via Proton so it should be no problem to play it on another Linux device.

You Suck at Parking is being developed in Unity 3D. So technically Proton support is a viable option. Even with the free Demo on Steam, Linux players have reported success.
Personally, Happy Volcano is creating a very playable game. Which deserves to offer Linux support. And from what you can see in the trailer below. You Suck at Parking looks like it could be a cross platform release.

You Suck at Parking – Official Trailer

The previously unannounced multiplayer mode will allow eight players to race each other. Doing so in free-for-all fiesta that transforms the game’s pedal to the metal action into a full-on parking party.

“We’ve been really encouraged by the reaction to You Suck at Parking so far, which has made us even more eager to talk about the game’s exciting multiplayer mode,” says David Prinsmel, Game Director. “Gamers can expect to hear more details about what we have in store – both for multiplayer, and the rest of the game – in the months ahead.”

In the game, players will:

  • Speed through stages navigating obstacles aplenty before hitting the designated parking spots, all whilst somehow keeping cool, calm, and collected in the process.
  • Unlock Car Keys and Parking Tokens with their parking skills to open up new cars and Parking Tokens that serve up new customization options to pimp your ride with.
  • the global leaderboards and prove to your friends that you truly do have the power to stop. Maybe not the world, but a car, at least.
  • Experience an ever-growing, always-expanding, forever changing game, where more cars, more biomes, more tracks, and more customization options are regularly added to the roster.

You Suck at Parking racing game is in development. The 2022 release date is TBD. Due to arrive on Windows PC, but playable on Linux via Proton. Plus you can also Wishlist the game on Steam.

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