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Youtubers Life OMG Edition coming to Steam

youtubers life omg edition coming to linux mac windows

Youtubers Life OMG Edition will be coming soon on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. So the recent update for the game marks a new release for console players. But this is an update for PC players.

Do you have what it takes to be the biggest Youtuber on the planet? New boutique game publisher Raiser Games and developer U-Play Online announce Youtubers Life OMG Edition. This is to celebrate selling one million copies of the original game. This is also a supersized version of the bestselling life sim. But also with that, we have a wealth of updated features. Since this comes with a free update for existing owners of the game on PC and mobile.

In Youtubers Life OMG Edition, players create videos, get subscribers, attend events, interact with fans and grow their channels. So you will launch your new venture from your parents’ house. And also gain your first subscribers, views and likes. But soon you will be well on your way to fame and fortune as a popular influencer.

You can also meet other well-known youtubers. Go to the wildest parties, share your life through social media and deal with your haters. Monetize your content and sign with exclusive networks. Then customize your place with the coolest stuff. Grow until you can afford a mansion in outer space!

Youtubers Life OMG Edition Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Follow your passion to success:

  • Become a famous gamer in the Gaming Channel: Record gameplays, reviews, speed runs, walkthroughs… Collect all the consoles from across generations, play your favorite titles and even develop your own video games!
  • Play your own compositions in the Music Channel: Play 30 different instruments and more than 10 music genres. Publish covers, lessons, duets, compose the catchiest songs and give exciting live concerts!
  • Cook the tastiest recipes in the Cooking Channel: Create new, exotic dishes from different gastronomies. Upload tips, tutorials and collaborative dishes, become an experienced chef and work in your own restaurant!

Both longtime fans and newcomers will enjoy tons of features that offer an immersive, dynamic experience on their path to stardom, including an interface designed especially for consoles. Players will find realistic social interactions, from NPCs who may offer quests, active relationships with social media followers, and viewers whose morale may suffer if you don’t respond to their wishes. Interaction with collaborators and networks can boost your productivity… or create fresh problems. The integrated task system helps keep the savvy youtuber on top of everything.

Coming to Steam and Humble Store:

Youtubers Life OMG Edition is coming to Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $24.99 USD on Linux, Mac and Windows.

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