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YoYo Games to help developers boost their creation with GameMaker: Player service

+YoYoGames, the creator of the GameMaker: Studio game engine, has launched a new #service that enables developers to play and #sharegames made with YoYo’s tools — helping address the immense problem of discovery.

The GameMaker: Player service lets developers share their games with a million monthly visitors to the YoYo Games site as well as with gamers worldwide. GameMaker: Player also shares concepts and early access builds, and it distributes games for free or paid models on multiple devices and platforms.

All GameMaker: Studio developers will be able to make their games available for the Windows version of GameMaker: Player. In order to make it available as a paid game or for other platforms, the developers need a “pro” license and “export” license. Those cost money. The company will launch its beta test program in the second half of October. The beta will support Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

“For as long as YoYo Games has been developing GameMaker, we have focused on providing everyone, from beginner to professional, with a simple and accessible solution that makes it easier for all to make, share and play their games,” says Sandy Duncan, the CEO of YoYo Games, in a statement. “We are now taking a huge leap forward with the introduction of GameMaker: Player we’ve added brand new service that is extremely easy to use.”

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