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Yukar From the Abyss aims at Proton

yukar from the abyss fantasy otome game aims at proton via linux with windows pc

Yukar From the Abyss fantasy otome visual novel game aims at Proton via Linux with Windows PC. According to further details from developer LocaGames. Due to make its way onto Steam in 2022.

Indie game developer and publisher LocaGames, operated by Adventures, Inc. has revealed their fantasy otome visual novel Yukar From the Abyss. Due to release in late 2022. Gearing up to makes its way onto Windows PC with plans for Linux via Proton.

…in our internal testing of the game, it runs fairly well using proton on the Steam Deck. And we will try our best to optimize the game for that within the limits of the engine.

Yukar From the Abyss development is using the Wolf RPG engine to create the game. However, there are no plans to creative a native Linux build. So with focus on the Steam Deck, we will have Proton. Which is essential for choose your own adventure fans.

Yukar From the Abyss allows players to adventure with the animal Gods from Hokkaido’s rich mythology.
When the main character suddenly wonders from her ordinary life. While venturing into the world of the Gods she will meet, fight, and overcome ordeals. Together alongside the Gods with their rich and strong personalities.

Yukar From The Abyss – Official Trailer

This title is a fantasy otome game for a broad audience. Yukar From the Abyss uses the local charm and character of northern Japan. Along with real places and cities as story settings. Due to offer features that let players read and learn more about the lesser known history. Including the culture of ancient Hokkaido while they play.

In Yukar From the Abyss, Kurumi Oki decides to slow down and move to Hokkaido for a fresh start. Who is also tired and unsure in her busy life in Tokyo. Then one night on the train home after meeting up with her friends, she dozes off. Then realizes she has missed her stop. She gets off the train and finds herself at an unfamiliar station called Kamuy Mosir. Seeking help she meets a group of people dressed in unfamiliar costumes having a party. Without warning, she is chased by the group and captured by a young man. Her captor tells her that she is dead, and he will take her to the underworld, the land of the dead.

Still being pursued by other mysterious beings, Kurumi somehow opens the door to the world of the Gods. Here she must overcome fierce trials and explore the mysterious new world. Maybe even find out what happened to the forbidden love of the Gods.

Yukar From the Abyss fantasy otome visual novel game is coming in late 2022 to Steam. Due to release on Windows PC, but aiming at Linux support via Proton for the Steam Deck.

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