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Yuligans: Christmas is Coming in a couch co-op

yuligans: christmas is coming! in a couch co-op comes early for linux gaming and windows pc

Yuligans: Christmas is Coming! in a couch co-op comes early for Linux gaming and Windows PC. Thanks to creative efforts of developer The Worst of Friends. Which is now available on Steam with a discount.

Yuligans: Christmas is Coming! is a Christmas themed release. Also coined as a choose our own adventure game for you and up to three others. Since you can play locally in singleplayer. Including online co-op and shared/split screen co-op. While offering up a cross platform multiplayer. So now it’s never been easier to get into holiday hijinks with friends and family. But only offering up only partial controller support.

The Worst of Friends want to offer a chill way to relax. Yuligans: Christmas is Coming! will allows players to ready up on your holiday spirit. Since it’s only four weeks until Christmas Eve.
How will you prepare for the big night? Will you spend your days toiling at the Elves’ Workshop. You could also get into some mischief in the Abominable Woods. Liekwise, you could work to stop Krampus from finding the Naughty and Nice List?

Yuligans: Christmas is Coming! Launch Trailer

Since every decision brings Santa and his Elves one step closer to success or failure! What stories appear are also randomized. So Yuligans: Christmas is Coming! is different every time you play.


  • Enjoy the holiday with friends and family, locally or online and cross platform
  • Explore the North Pole, come to life in a storybook artstyle
  • Meet famous residents, such as Jack Frost, Krampus, and the Ghost of Christmas Past
  • Experience a randomly generated story every time you play
  • Three possible group endings
  • Over 40 unique epilogues, each with several variations

Yuligans: Christmas is Coming! couch co-op comes early on Steam. Available in Linux gaming with Windows PC. Priced at $8.99 USD including a 10% discount until December 1st.

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