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Z Dawn a fast paced strategy releases

z dawn a fast paced strategy releases linux mac windows pc

Z Dawn releases a fast paced strategy debuts on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer GoldenGod Games. Which is now available on Steam with big release discount.

Z Dawn brings a fast paced turn based strategy to Steam. The reviews are coming in as 70% Positive. Presenting a kind of Day Z type simulation game. Since it’s up to you to survive in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

The ultimate goal of Z Dawn is to find a cure. All while you work to help survivors evacuate. But to survive, you must scavenge for supplies and also deal with random encounters. And of course, the strategy means you will have to build, upgrade your encampment. As you deal with zombies, zombie bosses, raiders and still more.

Z Dawn Official Trailer

Z Dawn takes place in the wake of the Z virus. Since the world everyone knows does not exist. So it’s up to you to lead a group of survivors. Making your way through the zombie apocalypse. And above all, this is a fast-paced turn challenging game. With all of the usual aspects. Survive, interact, loot, and explore. As you build, craft, defend, and then attack.


  • Explore the Z Dawn wilderness. All left behind, so you can find different locations
  • Search for resources, weapons, clothes, food, medicine, etc to keep the survivors alive
  • Manage your survivors and equip them according to their favorite skills
  • Build, upgrade and fortify your encampment. So you can withstand the hordes
  • Assign survivors to different task like, farming, a guard in a watchtower and many others
  • Craft and upgrade equipment
  • Deal with different events. Since there are many possible outcomes to choose
  • Deal with other survivors and their respective encampments
  • Turn-based, take your time each turn. Z Dawn auto-saves each turn
  • Random map every time you play a new game. So you never play the same story twice
  • And much more!s

Z Dawn fast paced strategy releases on Steam. Priced at $6.69 USD including a 30% launch discount. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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