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Z. Year One – The Roguelike Zombie Card game now on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Z. Year One – The Roguelike Zombie Card Game, described as Magic: The Gathering meets “The Walking Dead,” will be #released as a game for Linux, Mac, Windows PC, mobile devices as well as a physical tabletop card game.

Z. Year One currently has a Kickstarter campaign looking for a $10,000 goal. At the time of writing, the project sit with over $9,000 worth of pledges received with just 12 days to go on the #campaign.

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In the game, players choose between the Survivors, the humans, and the Fallen, who are the zombies. The tabletop version of course is recommended to be played with two to four people, while the digital edition will come with both singleplayer and multiplayer modes.

  • Each match is your own unique #zombie horror film
  • Location decks brings an immersive and dynamic layer to the standard CCG format
  • EVERY card image is a high quality photograph
  • Inspired by everything from Magic: The Gathering and The Walking Dead to Dungeons & Dragons and classic Resident Evil games.

Similar to Magic: The Gathering and the zombie genre, one of the best selling points of Z. Year One is that every card image being used for the title, both for the tabletop and the digital version, are high-quality photographs of cosplayer dressed as human survivors or ravenous zombies.


Key Features:

  • Robust Singleplayer and Multiplayer modes
  • Customize your deck from over 600 cards (and growing)
  • Immersive 3D locations
  • Diverse attack animations and character dialogue
  • Live-action cinematics
  • Booster packs, achievements, progression, and more
  • All Location Decks are free to access for all players
  • Coming to Linux, Mac, Windows PC, iOS, and Android


  • Battle AI opponents in Arcade Mode
  • Roguelike system allows you to carry over cards you obtained in previous matches


  • Online multiplayer (Ranked or Casual against friends)
  • Arena: Earn better rewards the more you win
  • Remix Arena: Modified rules every week


  • 600+ cards with many more already in development
  • Highly affordable booster packs at $1 a pop


  • Level up to access new content
  • Complete challenges and achievements to unlock rewards


  • Unique virtual card sleeves visible in-game
  • Visual “Filters” such as foils, black & white, and more
  • Find and collect variant card images and rare “secret costumes”


Developer Downward Viral, decided to go with real pictures instead of drawn pictures or even 3D models. The company hired cosplayers along some celebrities to pose in front of camera to help solidify the story and characters of Z. Year One. One of the celebrities is popular former Mythbuster, Grant Imahara.

While Downward Viral’s decision to go with cosplayers instead of digital drawings for the card images will not be the deciding factor on whether the game succeeds or not, it certainly helps give Z. Year One a distinct difference compared to all the other card games that are being released in the market.

The physical edition of the game features 9 decks and over 400 cards, and will have a very limited print run. The digital editions, on the other hand, will feature 600 cards and extensive customization options. The Z. Year One Kickstarter campaign

Vote for Z. Year One on Greenlight, follow on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and YouTube.



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