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ZED first person adventure native release

zed first person adventure game linux mac windows pc games release

ZED first person adventure games Linux and Mac release and Windows PC. Thanks to Cyan Ventures, the publishing arm of Cyan Inc and Eagre Games. The legendary indie studio that created best selling classics. Such as both Myst and Riven. Who are announcing further details for Steam.

ZED will release on June 4th, 2019 for Windows PC. Also on Rift and VIVE. While the Linux and Mac versions will release later in June. Although no specific date is available yet. This is also what’s in the official release details via email.

Due to the recent developer statement via Discord:

“Our Linux release is a bit delayed. We are 2wks behind on starting our QA and beta for Linux.
We’ve got a native build running on Debian/Ubuntu. And we’re going to get testing on Arch/Manjaro and some other distros as well.”

The platform support is not listed via Steam. But if you search for ZED, voila:

zed first person adventure linux mac windows pc release

“It’s exciting to release ZED as the first. In what we hope is, a series of artisan indie titles,” said Rand Miller, CEO of Cyan. “Cyan Ventures was created to connect our amazingly supportive Myst fan base. To inspiring artists like Chuck at Eagre Games. We hope that ZED, with its graphically mesmerizing narrative. Will resonate with our fans and audiences worldwide.”

ZED – Official Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

“I am thrilled to be working with Cyan Ventures,” said Chuck Carter, Founder of Eagre Games. “It is awesome to be working with a publisher as vested in the visual fidelity. And compelling story as us. They believed in our vision. And helped us move ZED across the finish line. From its Kickstarter inception to a deeply moving story of an unexamined life.”

ZED is the story of an artist suffering from dementia. Who is also trying to reconnect fragmented memories. The player explores the dreams of the artist’s crumbling mind. While hoping to help him assemble enough meaningful images. So they can leave behind a loving memento. And final legacy for his granddaughter. The experience blends adventure, a rich narrative, stirring sentiment, and fanciful world exploration.

ZED is the vision of Chuck Carter. Also developed in association with Skymap Games. And co-written by Joe Fielder (Bioshock Infinite, The Flame and the Flood). While including David Chen (Metal Gear Solid series, Narcosis). The game features compelling voice over work from an outstanding cast. Including a gripping performance from veteran voice actor Stephen Russell. Who is also best know in the Thief, Skyrim and Fallout series.

ZED ready to release on June 4th, 2019. But only available on Windows PC. Launching on Steam, GOG, Oculus Store and VivePort.

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