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Zeltoid X1 first pre-alpha footage and port

zeltoid x1 a unique voxel puzzle game first pre-alpha footage and linux port with windows pc

Zeltoid X1 a unique voxel puzzle game offers the first pre-alpha footage and Linux port details with Windows PC. Thanks to the creative work of developer Blue Moose Games. Due to bring the voxel game to Steam.

Blue Moose Games announces the development of Zeltoid X1. Releasing the first pre-alpha footage teaser for its upcoming game.
In Zeltoid X1 you play as an engineer robot named Zeltoid. You will need to help your planet and travel across the galaxy. All due to finding the essential energy to robotic life, the zitoride. As well as create new abilities to help you in your quest. And also solve strange puzzles in your journey. Which is due to make its way onto Linux with Windows PC.

Unreal Engine 4 and yes I expect at the launch to ship the game for Linux.

Blue Moose is eager to expand platform support. Likely due to the rise of the Steam Deck. Plus Linux players could use the voxel adventuring Zeltoid X1. Which is a rather unique game. Since you will have to create new abilities. Then look for the necessary materials in asteroids and other planets. Ultimately, you will need to find the reason for the mysterious disappearance of zitoride in the galaxy. And of course, solve this mystery.

Zeltoid X1 Pre-Alpha Teaser


  • Explore the galaxy with your spaceship
  • Destroy asteroids and other objects to collect essential parts
  • Craft new abilities for your robot
  • Collect zitoride by searching all over the galaxy
  • Solve strange puzzles
  • Find the reason for the mysterious disappearance of zitoride around the galaxy.

Zeltoid X1 unique voxel puzzle game is due to launch in Q3 2023 on Linux and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. Since the game is due to take a day one release on Linux.

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