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Zems new strategy collectible card game now on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Master the weather and take the fight to the enemy in #Impulse Limited’s #new #strategy and collectible card game (CCG) hybrid — Zems ! CCG fans can support Zems on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight and play the Alpha build (Windows).

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Zems takes place in Delnoa — a world inhabited by fantasy creatures and a number of factions, where an uneasy peace is held together by faith alone. Among the most powerful factions in Delnoa is the Irulian Empire — a human nation consisting of incredibly disciplined (and well-trained) soldiers known as the Irulian Legion. Some races (such as the dragon-like Phegans) are so powerful that they can each exist on their own without a faction. Others isolate themselves from conflict by making the sea their homes.

Each one of Zems’ beautifully hand-crafted cards was designed by a team of award-winning artists — including Mario Wibisono (EXPOSÉ award winner), Lius Lasahido, and Jackson Tjota.


Zems combines the collectible quality of fantasy card games with tactical combat enhanced by a dynamic environment,” says Yang Pulse, producer at Impulse Limited. “We’ve created a CCG experience unlike anything else on the market right now — and we hope you’ll join us on our exciting journey through Steam Greenlight :)”

To start, choose a hero and then build a deck of followers and spells that fits your playstyle. In order to summon followers, cast spells, and activate your hero’s unique ability, you’ll need zems — orbs of energy that fuel all magic in the world of Delnoa.

Here are just a few strategies you can use to master Zems:

  • Go for the direct assault and brute force your way to victory.
  • Wage guerrilla warfare by hitting your opponent with long-range attacks and running away before they can respond.
  • Take control of the weather and (literally) flood the battlefield — creating key attacking positions or setting up hazardous terrain for your opponent.

Remember to keep your hero alive at all times; otherwise, it’s game over!

If you prefer a more sophisticated approach, you can actually chain effects together by zapping wet spaces with a lightning bolt — which stuns every unit currently standing on water and prevents any unit on those tiles from moving (or attacking).

Key Features

  • No pay-to-win: All cards can be acquired through gameplay.
  • Individual heroes: Each army has a unique hero leading the charge — with special abilities to boot!
  • Hybrid gameplay: Tactical turn-based combat meets collectible card game mechanics.
  • Weather control: Manipulate the weather to set up combos, hazards, and buffs.
  • Built to last: Open card packs to expand your collection.
  • Multiplayer: Compete online in both ranked and unranked multiplayer modes.

Zems will be free-to-play with purchasable card packs, deck slots, and heroes. Currently available on Kickstarter and Steam GreenlightZems will initially launch on Windows, followed by Linux and Mac.