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Zen Golf to be Steam Deck verified

zen golf chill mini golf game is due to be verified for the linux steam deck via windows pc

Zen Golf chill mini golf game is due to be verified for the Linux Steam Deck via Windows PC. Thanks to further details from developer Hondune Games. Which is coming to Steam this November

Zen Golf is due to be a relaxing and chill mini golf game. So that players can get lost in the beautiful zen gardens. As well as the original lo-fi Japanese soundtrack. Doing so with up to 20 friends on over 180 holes. Or play against state of the art AI opponents for rewarding and fun solo play.

…the game will at very least be getting Steam Deck Verified status. And therefore should run through proton for Linux without any issues.

Zen Golf – Official Trailer

Aimed at doing things differently, rather than the over the top. This is not an in your face insanity of other titles. Since Zen Golf gameplay off a calm and enjoyable style. All while still maintaining that fun quirky course design that mini golf is known for.

Key Features:

  • 180+ holes across 20+ courses
  • Multiplayer up to 20 players can join a Zen Golf game
  • Local multiplayer only requires one controller or mouse / keyboard. So this is the perfect party game!
  • 1+ hour of all original Japanese lo-fi hip-hop. With music as beautiful and relaxing as the atmosphere, you’ll never want to leave!
  • Loads of customization options, every player is sure to find something that suites their personality!
  • Prefer to play alone? State of the art AI opponents play differently every Zen Golf game. Creating a unique and fun experience even for solo players.
  • Beautiful hand-crafted levels, each with their own garden. A delightful atmosphere you could dream of being lost in.
  • Super optimized graphics allow for great performance even on low end systems. Run beautiful graphics even on laptops with integrated graphics!

Zen Golf is a chill mini golf game for Windows PC. But due to offer verified Linux and Steam Deck support. Be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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