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Zenzizenzic shoot ‘em up is now part of the Adult Swim Games catalog

Zenzizenzic shoot ‘em up is now part of Adult Swim Games

+AdultSwimGames’ strange and diverse catalog grows even stranger with the recent announcement that it will #publish Ruud Koorevaar’s Zenzizenzic, a minimalist twin-stick shoot-’em-up with #roguelike elements.

Funded via Kickstarter earlier this year, Zenzizenzic is a procedurally generated shooter in which players must dodge spawning waves of abstract shapes and enemy ships. Unlike similar games in the genre, Zenzizenzic does not lock player movement to a set path, and instead offers an open-world and randomized structure that grows more difficult during each play session.

Zenzizenzic will launch for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC via Steam in June 2015.

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