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Zipline Games Adds Moai Platform Support for Google Chrome

Seattle, WA – October 10, 2011 – Zipline Games, creator of the Moai game development platform, today announced full support of Google’s Native Client SDK. Moai developers can release their games to the Chrome Web Store for in-browser play with the next stable version of Google Chrome, which includes support for OpenGL ES 2.0. Google will highlight Moai as one of the first game platforms to support Native Client SDK this afternoon in a session at the Game Developer Conference Online®.

“Native Client is huge. We’ve talked to a dozen web-based social game developers who are ramping up mobile development efforts, and we know very successful iOS and Android game developers who are planning for web distribution of their titles,” said Todd Hooper, CEO of Zipline Games. “Moai support for Google’s Native Client SDK gives both of these groups a terrific alternative to full game ports for each new platform. We’re very pleased to see Google leading in this area by supporting Native Client and OpenGL in Chrome.”

“There’s been a lot of buzz about HTML 5 becoming the new app model for cross-platform browser and mobile games. While we’re looking forward to the tech maturing, we just don’t think it’s there yet. Platforms like Native Client and Moai are much more interesting as a cross-platform strategy for The Moron Test and the other mobile games we’re building. We get darn close to full code reuse across platforms, plus native-app-level performance and stability that just aren’t possible with mobile web technologies today,” added Berkeley Malagon, CEO of DistinctDev, Inc., a mobile games company with over 20 million players.

Billed as the mobile platform for pro game developers, the Moai platform differentiates itself through its cloud-based game services and rapid development of iOS, Android, and now Native Client titles, all built in the industry standard Lua scripting language. Zipline has been targeting mobile development efforts at top studios and mega-hit iOS and Android titles and has previously announced Moai’s use in Crimson: Steam Pirates, a #1 free app for iPad, and BubbleBall, a hit puzzle game with over 10 million downloads. Developers interested in Moai are encouraged to create a beta account today at

About Zipline Games

Zipline Games is a Seattle-based mobile games company and the creator of the Moai game development platform. Zipline was founded by game industry veterans experienced with the challenges of mobile games development and with the vision of making development faster and easier so developers can focus on creating innovative games with great gameplay. Zipline’s investors include Founders Co-Op, Benaroya Capital and Groundspeak. For more information, please visit

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