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Zipline Games' Moai Game Development Platform Leaves Beta, Offers Free Use of Moai Cloud Services Through April 30.

DistinctDev, Maker of the Hit Moron Test Franchise, Moves from Native Development on 8 Different Device Platforms to Zipline Games’ Moai and a Single Codebase.


Zipline Games today announced production availability and pricing of its Moai game development platform, including a new suite of Moai Direct Services offering the benefits of cloud-based data storage, cross-platform leaderboards and achievements, and actionable in-game news and push notifications to any existing iOS or Android game. The Moai platform has attracted over 6,000 game developers during its public beta period, including notable mobile games companies with millions of mobile games installed: DistinctDev (creators of The Moron Test), Bungie Aerospace, Harebrained Schemes (Crimson: Steam Pirates), Go Go Kiddo, and Nay Games. New Moai 1.0 features include real-time monitoring, rich event logging, and enhanced security for all game services in the cloud, plus an updated open-source Moai SDK that’s been hardened for over 500 Android devices, expanded with isometric rendering options, and enhanced to support worldwide languages. Packaged plans are based on usage metrics and range from free Sandbox accounts to $499/month Studio accounts and custom-priced Chart Leader accounts, all of which will be free to use through April 30, 2012.

DistinctDev, creator of the mega-hit franchise The Moron Test, recently built The Moron Test 2 with the Moai platform and released it for iOS, Android, and the Amazon App Store. DistinctDev has always pursued a multi-platform strategy, having worked with outside vendors to port the original Moron Test title collection to 8 different platforms as separate native apps. Using Moai, DistinctDev has accelerated game design and development, brought all programming for The Moron Test 2 back in house, and delivered their first simultaneous iOS/Android release.

“We looked at all the development platforms out there that could help us, and Moai won in a fair fight,” said Berkeley Malagon, CEO of DistinctDev. “It’s been a great experience. Before Moai, it took three months and coordination with an outside firm to port the iOS version of The Moron Test 1 to Android. Using Moai, we released The Moron Test 2 to both platforms on the same day with all development done in-house.”

“With the latest Moai features and the track record of multi-platform titles from DistinctDev, Bungie Aerospace, and Zipline being enjoyed by millions of players, we’re ready to declare Moai open for business,” said Todd Hooper, CEO of Zipline Games. “If you’re a mobile games developer, we look forward to welcoming you to the Moai platform and the great community we’ve created in the past year.”

About Zipline Games Moai Game Development Platform
Moai helps game developers build better games, faster, and get them into the hands of more players via major modern app stores such as iOS, Android, Amazon and Chrome. Moai offers mobile game developers a scalable cloud platform for game services, downloadable content and persistent data storage and it includes a no-compromise, open-source SDK for developing game clients using Lua. Developers interested in Moai can create a free account today at

About Zipline Games
Zipline Games is a Seattle-based mobile games company and the creator of the Moai game development platform. Zipline’s first studio title, Wolf Toss, is a hit mobile game with over 1 million players on iOS, Android, and Chrome. Zipline was founded by game industry veterans experienced with the challenges of game development and with the vision of making development faster and easier so developers can focus on creating innovative games with great game play. Zipline’s investors include Founders Co-Op, Benaroya Capital and Groundspeak. For more information, please visit

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