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Zipp’s Cafe interactive fiction launches now

zipp’s cafe interactive fiction game launches on linux mac and windows pc

Zipp’s Cafe interactive fiction game launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The exciting creation is the outcome of the hard work and dedication of the talented team at The Wild Gentlemen. Available now on Steam with a discount.

Sure, let’s dive into an exciting new adventure from The Wild Gentlemen on Linux, a creative team based in Hungary. They’re introducing us to “The World of Wilderness,” a universe full of intriguing tales, unique characters, and lots of mysteries. If you’ve heard of “Chicken Police – Into the HIVE!” that’s just a sneak peek into this amazing world. Now, they’re bringing out something new in an interactive fiction, Zipp’s Cafe.

Stepping into a cozy cafe, not just any cafe, but one that’s a mix of fun activities and storytelling. This isn’t your typical cafe. It’s owned by a raccoon named Zipp H. Murphy, who’s known for his top cooking skills. Also not your average trash-eating raccoon. Zipp’s Cafe takes place in Clawville, where it’s full of all sorts of characters in this interactive fiction. Right from cops to criminals, and sometimes those who are a bit of both.

Zipp’s Cafe isn’t just a place to grab a bite; it’s a hub of stories and secrets in this interactive fiction. Here, you’ll do more than just sip coffee. You’ll be managing the cafe, washing dishes, making the perfect espresso, and cooking up some tasty meals. But there’s a catch: you have to be careful not to mess up too much, especially with those tricky eggs!

Zipp isn’t just a great chef; he’s also a raccoon with a knack for conversation. Customers from all over Clawville, including some from its underworld, come to Zipp to chat. Through these conversations, you’ll uncover hidden secrets about Clawville and the larger World of Wilderness.

Zipp’s Cafe interactive fiction Launch Trailer

In this adventure, you’ll meet regulars like Mick, a rising crime boss, and Frank, a private detective. These characters have their own stories, which connect with the events of “Chicken Police – Into the HIVE!” and hint at even more untold tales. You’ll also get to explore Zipp’s mysterious past and, who knows, maybe even find a little romance in the midst of all these adventures.

Players reviews are thrilled with the unique interactive fiction experience Zipp’s Cafe offers. They’re particularly impressed with its relaxed vibe, outstanding graphics, and captivating music. The design of the game is getting high praise, and the coffee-making feature stands out as a cool, enjoyable aspect of the gameplay

Zipp’s Cafe is more than just a cafe simulator wrapped in an interactive fiction. It’s a blend of mini-games and story experiences. You’ll get to play cooking, coffee making, and dish washing games while interacting with a cast of six characters. Including Zipp and five regulars, each eager to share their slice of life in Clawville.

Remember, “The World of Wilderness” is a big place with a lot of stories, and Zipp’s Cafe interactive fiction is just one part of it. So, if you’re into solving mysteries or just want to dive into a world full of unexpected twists, keep your eyes peeled. There’s also more coming from this universe, expanding beyond “Chicken Police – Into the HIVE!” and “Zipp´s Cafe.”

This adventure is all set to come to life now on Steam. Launching on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Priced at $3.59 USD / £3.05 / 3,59€ with the 10% discount.

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